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  1. Soulslayer251

    Suggestion Banners

    What if you made a color or color recipe for a banner look like the leaf in the wind banners
  2. Soulslayer251

    Suggestion Electric Glove

    This item could be a Chi main Item that creates the same particles around your hand as lightning and when you hit someone with the item it stuns them(slowness) and gives them weakness
  3. Soulslayer251

    Denied New Chi Move

    Name: Electric Punch Element: Chi Description: Left-click to activate The player punches a target dealing damage and causing a few seconds of weakness From the invention of the electric glove used by chi-blockers
  4. Soulslayer251


    Currently fire and air's attacks can be done anywhere but for water and earth, water has to refill bottles and earths got nothing should be able to use coal from their inventory as a bendable source and it appears as a coal block which would be like when the earthbenders escaped the firenation...
  5. Soulslayer251

    Denied Spout

    Right now Airspout can go on every surface even water so what if when its on water it displace some of it also waterbenders should be able to attack with the water spiraling the spout
  6. Soulslayer251


    In the idea it says if its the same element they can throw it back at them but remember you can use your element as kind of a shield to destroy the opponents attack like a slash.
  7. Soulslayer251

    Denied Water Counter

    Eh this is more probending
  8. Soulslayer251

    Lightning Redirect

    Lightning- in the description it says how to use it but they should also add how to redirect it
  9. Soulslayer251


    Currently probending has attacks and no defensive except for earth so I think we should add some counter attacks that allow you to block the attack and if the attack is of the players element it goes around their back and can be fired back at them
  10. Soulslayer251

    Denied New Item- Wind Sword and New Element

    Remember when Sakka was upset he didn't have powers and they took him shopping and Aang has this wind sword so what if a stick amplified the power of airblade Also we should add a Warrior class with Sakka Moves- Toggle ability- Meat Craving- When the players hunger gets low they gain strength...
  11. Soulslayer251

    Denied Water Counter

    Water particles slice aross the player and counters any attacks which it could either shot the attack back at the person but for moves like surge it becomes more like a water manipulation or it could freeze surge the attack must be in a close range of blocks such as 2 for it to work and the...
  12. Soulslayer251

    Denied PhaseChange

    what if frostbreath could freeze torrent etc...
  13. Soulslayer251

    Denied EarthPunch

    In the show earth benders will lift a rock and punch or kick it so Move- EarthPunch Hit shift on a single earth bendable block it pops straight in the air with the same kind of effect as earthline and the player punches it in any direction with a gravity effect Almost like a tnt cannon effect...