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    bending not working

    hello waterbending on my server is being weird. ice moves like phase change and icewall only create on ice cub when used? help?
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    need urgent help

    guys i need help. i was on a server and when i died in the arena, it said "you didnt lose any power since you were in a pvp area" how can i set it up like that on my server?cause the arena in that server is in the same world as the other things. their /warp wild is in the same world but u lose...
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    please help me

    hello my permissions for choosing an element arent working. i added the bending.choose.command and bending.Player and no one can choose their element please help!!!
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    Hello, all. I have a suggestion that applies to Earthbending. I think it would be a great add-on to have the ability to toggle the thing earthbenders have when they fall on an earthbendable block how it turns to sand. I think this would be a great addition because sand can really mess up a...
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    Fixed Metalbending bug

    Which plugin you are using: project korra beta (newest beta) along with jedcore (working version) Which version of the plugin you are using (Can be found with /bending version) 1.7.0 beta Where the bug exists (Is it in an ability, a command, etc) command A detailed description of the bug you...
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    Fixed Bug please help

    hi there is a bug in jedcore latest version. im using pk beta and spigot 1.8.8 the bug is when you do /b h (any metal move) it says internal error. heres the error config shows Please help!!
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    Hello, all! I need some help. I was wondering how you can have pk automatically change the prefix of the bender based on what element they choose. Here's the catch, i don't want to have to use server signs for this, i want their tag color to change when they execute the command "/b ch...
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    hi guys i need to know how to let people bend in a certain region with world guard, but not them place blocks. Please help me!!
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    Fixed bending board not working

    hi. when i loaded my server bending board showed some errors in config, and doesn't work in game. i have everything up to do i make a debug file of it to show you? thanks! please help
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    earth bug

    whenever anyone shifts with earth moves, it spams config. i have all perms set up and everything. the earth move works, it just spams config. help please
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    Fixed Bug

    Hello, on my server, whenever I give someone an extra element (2 elements in all) it works. But, when they change their element to let's say water to earth they lost the extra element i gave them. Anyone know how to fix this..? :/
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    Bug Report Hello

    On my server, a lot of earth moves don't regen back to normal such as raise earth, earth blast, earth smash. etc. I have the regen set to true in config. help please?
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    Fixed Hello

    I'm running the stable version of project korra core, and when my players are op, they can use fireblast, lightning, and combustion. But, when they're not it doesnt work, and comes up with a bunch of garble in my console. I think it's a permissions issue, ive already tried the...
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    I need help!

    How do i allow people to change their element more than once on my server? Please help!