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    ProjectKorra (Core)

    Any word on a 1.14 patch? It runs on 14 but it causes some people to DC...
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    Not sure if this is the beginning of more sand moves later on or what but idk whats good about "making sand" without sand-bending moves to use it alongside with for example water has phasechange to make ice for ice moves...
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    Me either, in fact it blocks their bending until relog...
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    I seem to have found something of a bug/issue with the LightSpirit combo. It states: "After executing the combo sequence, you will mark the ground with positively charged spiritual energy for a duration of time. Entities can come to this location to heal themselves, but dark creatures must...
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    You are correct in this comment, I am a visual/hands-on learner. I did end up figuring it out and the ability does follow and fire from your current location now, all that is left is to add sound configuration as well as an option to disable both that and the confuse aspect if desired. Thank you...
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    I hope to one day become better at coding but sadly it won't come sooner. However, I do agree with your suggestions and later on I plan to add more configuration. This ability may even become a combo instead once I get around to figuring that part out lol.
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    Sadly I do not know how to change the sounds but if you do then by all means pm me :)
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    Not sure what the problem was but it definitely was not my ability as all bending including this one works just fine on my private server.
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    Airbending Pressure - Refresher

    Just a quick refresher for everyone. This ability does still work even with the latest build of PK-Core! I would very much love any help making this ability better. If anyone is interested and knows coding I need this ability to get a sound rework, that would be amazing :) That is all for now...
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    Aceliip updated ©Pressure with a new update entry: Refresher Read the rest of this update entry...
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    server keeps timing out whever I get on and execute a cmd.
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    Aceliip updated © Pressure with a new update entry: Overhaul Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Airbending Pressure - Overhaul

    After some time messing around I have finally gain some ground and now this ability seams to be working even better than before. There is now a new spiral charging animation as well as new sounds. After the latest release of PK core 1.8.5, I have updated this ability's compatibility as well...
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    I'd appreciate it if you didn't edit my work, thanks.
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    Thanks guys sorry i've been vague with what i need just been stressed out lately with work and I didnt mean to take it out on yall if it felt that way. I'll be sure to pm any of you with the proper questions.
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    Aceliip updated Pressure with a new update entry: New feature implemented! Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Airbending Pressure - New feature implemented!

    The ability now disorients players upon impact. The duration and power is configurable as well.
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    Yea I did that but it still doesn't work, so unless you can send me the exact line of code i need to use, this was not helpful.