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    Looking Into Earthpush

    Well, this wasn't the best example gif. The bottom one is more accurate. But this is much better, in some cases, than shockwave because: 1) It lets you alter terrain. You could build walls or other stuff with this. 2) You can push people away much farther. Instead of knockback this is being...
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    Looking Into Earthpush

    Neither, it pushes raise earth or any earth. Like this you can dive behind a small hill and send it towards your enemy! Shockwave leaves no effect on the ground, this does. And earthsmash lifts up a block instead of pushing a wall.
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    Denied PhaseChange (For earthbending)

    This ability turns earthbendable blocks that you are looking at into quicksand (while shifted and regular sand when not shifted) and when you click it turns into stone. The quicksand is only one block deep and basically makes sand act as if it is not there while shifted and turns into regular...
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    Looking Into Leap

    Oh ok. Thanks
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    Looking Into PullEarth (Horizontal Raise Earth)

    Shouldn't there be a horizontal version of raiseearth. It is in avatar a lot and i could se it being useful in many circumstances.
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    Looking Into Burrow

    This is something we see Toph use a lot. King Boomy and Aang use it a lot too. The ability would consist allowing the player to burrow underground. When the player shifts he starts moving through earth and/or sand blocks (the blocks move a bit but stay in place and aren't altered) and when he...
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    Looking Into Leap

    I know that supposedly this is supposed to be done with airblast but I think it would be very useful to have an ability that lets you leap moderate distances quickly in succession. This is in fact a big part of airbending, Aang constantly uses it to outmaneuver his opponents and Boomy used it...
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    Looking Into Stand

    I was reading some other suggestions and I really liked the idea of earthsmash counter: A key concept of earthbending is to stand one's ground. So I think there should be an ability that embodies this. The ability would when you shift...
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    Tremorsense idea...

    This isnt necessarily a good idea, but since I dont think its been posted yet maybe someone can think of how to make it better. Toph uses her tremorsense to dodge earthbending attacks very well (almost impeccably) and then counter them. Right now tremorsense is just utility, but what if when...
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    Looking Into Earthpush

    This is a key earthbending move that is lacking in ProjectKorra and I think would be really fun and great to have. Lots of earthbenders often push big walls and rocks at their enemies, especially Toph, it was a key to her fighting style. The way this could be used in game is that when a player...
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    Suggestion Parkour

    I think that it would be really useful, realistic and fun if chiblockers had an ability that when selected allowed them to do parkour. It would be great if it could be similar to this mod. It's general...
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    In Development Better Earth Armor

    In Avatar TLA we see a lot of use of Earth Armor to combat firebending. I think that you should not be able to be lit on fire when wearing earth armor. PS (If this is already a feature im sorry, I havent had a lot of time lately to test stuff)
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    Complete Constant Kinetic Damage

    Oh ok, how do i delete the thread?
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    Suggestion Stun Glove

    A popular weapon of the Chiblockers in LoK the stun glove looks like a really cool and useful weapon to have for chiblockers. One way for it to work is: When you punch someone with this ability selected you deal half a heart of damage, 5 seconds of blindness, and 5 seconds of not moving...
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    Complete Constant Kinetic Damage

    In avatar people are constantly being slammed into things (it doesn't seem to hurt them so much but...), its a very important part of the combat. So far if you get airblasted or water surged (or pushed by any bending move) into a wall you take no damage! I think combat would be way more...