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  1. E0N

    Void MC

    Server Name: Void or (The Void) Just released! Status: Open Server IP: Server Website: Server Discord: About: VoidMC is a bending RPG server that uses custom plugins to give players a unique and interesting experience. Void...
  2. E0N

    New Bending Server Help

    Hey, I posted a server almost two days ago. It says it may take up to 24 hours and I was wondering why it hasn't been posted yet because I am pretty sure I followed all the guidelines and I haven't gotten any notifications that something was wrong with it. Is there something I'm missing here...
  3. E0N

    ProjectKorra(RPG) plugin possible bug

    Hey, so a couple of players have joined my server and I think the RPG plugin is a great addition to the type of server I'm looking to run. But enough rambling, I've noticed that the random bending choose is working but almost everytime a player joins back in the server (after already have been...