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  1. Pickle9775

    6/8/16~ Community Update

    Hey Guys, those of you who are sticking around, thanks for your patience. We just got a new Beta out after the longest time. Things have been a little splotchy lately with Devs and what not. Things are looking up though. We are aware that Minecraft 1.9 and 1.10 have been released and we're maybe...
  2. Pickle9775

    5/8/16~Community Update

    Hello you wonderful PK people. There hasn't really been a lot to update on. There have been a few more changes to the PK staff, just working out some kinks and the whatnot. Anyway lets see what we have. The big thing that we have going on is the recent Question and Answer. I'll put that here...
  3. Pickle9775

    4/18/16~ Community Update

    Okay so before we do anything, like at all. I think we should start with the most important thing I have to say. A very beloved member of this community and of the staff, has resigned. @Vidcom has stepped down as Head Concept Designer. Unlike his previous step down, he is not stepping up into a...
  4. Pickle9775

    4/1/16 ~ Community Update

    Alright guys, so, we've decided to shift the community updates over to Fridays, that way we can try to get most stuff done on weekends. More play time amirite? Anyway, let's begin shall we? Concept Design: Many of you have seen Fyf's post about sources. For those of you who have not, Fire and...
  5. Pickle9775

    3/22/16~ Community Update

    Hey all you PK People! The Project Korra staff is hard at work. So let's just jump right in for the update. Development: The dev team has begun making the final changes to the latest version. Lead Developer, Omnicypher wants you to expect a new update this week. Digital: Not much, but please...
  6. Pickle9775

    3/14/16~ Community Update

    Hey All you wonderful Project Korra People! It's time for another community update. We have a lot of neat stuff for me to tell you about. As we all know Mojang dropped Minecraft Version 1.9. It will take some time for us to make the switch, but I encourage you to wait. In department news here's...
  7. Pickle9775

    3/7/2016 ~ Community Update

    Hello All! First and foremost- A message from Mist(phizzle) "tell everyone I love them and I hope they’re having a great day". Know that Mist has not abandoned the Project, and he still cares deeply for us. Beta Builds: I know that last week we promised a new Beta Build within the week, but...
  8. Pickle9775

    Probending Survey

    Okay so, this is going to be a quick post. Essentially, please just answer the poll and leave a comment about what changes you think need to be made. Thank you.
  9. Pickle9775

    Weekly Update 30/11/15

    Hello All, another weekly update, and the second one on Monday! I probably should have done this earlier today but I mean, scheduling things. In any case there's not much for this update, so let's get the ball rolling. Development: Currently the Dev team is hard at work sorting out Bugs and...
  10. Pickle9775

    Weekly Update 23/11/15

    Hey everybody, time for another weekly update. I decided that I'd move these to Monday, seeing how, A: It will give everybody something to look forward to on Mondays, and B: These are more of a "What's coming" than a "what happened" so it should be at the start of the week. Development: As...
  11. Pickle9775

    Weekly Update 15/11/15

    Hello! So, community updates am I right? I would like to start by saying that the Team is in fact still hard at work, but this is somewhat of a PSA. A lot of our Staff are between the ages of 16 and 20, so the peak of our educational lives, most work, most stress, least free time. I would also...
  12. Pickle9775

    Weekly Update 8/11/15

    Hello Everybody! That's right we have 3 in a row. It's shocking really. Anyway things have been busy like always, I don't have much of an anecdote for this one, so I'll just get into it. Development: The dev team is still at working fixing bugs here and there. It's looking like the hunt...
  13. Pickle9775

    Weekly Update 1/11/15

    Hey Guys! Second consecutive weekly update! Anyway, once more I have an update for you guys to understand what's going on in terms of development and progress on other projects. Development: Once more, the dev team is working on exterminating a great many bugs, and in doing so will make the...
  14. Pickle9775

    Weekly Update 25/10/15

    Hello everybody! Been a while since we've had a weekly update, about a month. I know what you're thinking "Where's Vid? Why are you doing the update?" Well, recently our beloved Vidcom has stepped down from the role of Head Moderator, to take up the role of Head Concept Designer, so expect great...
  15. Pickle9775

    Fixed Flight bug

    Project Korra 1.7.0 Beta 10 Ability Bug: Flight When using the ability "Flight", if a player double clicks, or double jumps, they are granted free flight such as the /fly command What should be happening, clicking should cause the normal functions of flight and jumping should have no effect.
  16. Pickle9775

    Bug Report Avatar State Issue

    Plugin Project Korra RPG Version: 1.0.0 Where the bug exists: Event Description: So, on my server I made a non-op player the avatar via /b avatar [playername] and gave them the bending.avatar permission. When testing to see if the RPG effect for the avatar state on final blow was activated, it...
  17. Pickle9775

    Bug Report Solar Eclipse Bug persisting

    Plugin: Project Korra RPG Version: 1.0.0 Description: During the solar eclipse, firebenders are still able to use combo moves, such as FireSpin, FireWheel, and FireKick I saw that this bug was reported a while ago, and reported fixed, but the issue still persists, if it helps, I am also using...
  18. Pickle9775

    Fixed Illumination Torch Multiplication

    Hi, I made a bug report for this bug back in 1.6.0 Beta 8, and its still present, so I'm going to repost it since I believe my other thread was forgotten about and lost. Plugin: Project Korra Version: 1.6.0 Beta 17 Ability Bug Details: When the firbending ability "Illumination" is activated...
  19. Pickle9775

    Where is the past Avatar list?

    Hello, as the title may suggest, I would like to take players off of the Past-Avatar list, but in order to do so, I would need to know where this list exists. Any help?
  20. Pickle9775

    Canon vs Cannon

    I see this just about every thread and a bit of me dies every time. One letter, in a single word discredits your entire post if you say cannon, and not canon. Definition of cannon:noun, a large, heavy piece of artillery, typically mounted on wheels, formerly used in warfare. Definition of...