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  1. Sobki

    ProjectKorra PlaceholderAPI Integration

    Hey everyone! A while back I had the idea of creating a PlaceholderAPI expansion for ProjectKorra. I wanted to get some thoughts on this idea, because it's very simple to do, and could be done in a few minute if people are interested. What is PlaceholderAPI? For those of you who haven't used...
  2. Sobki


    Sobki submitted a new resource: SandSurf - Glide across sand! Read more about this resource...
  3. Sobki

    ProjectKorra API Development Tutorials

    Hey everyone! So recently I have had quite a few people asking questions about developing addon abilities. I thought it's about time that an updated tutorial was created on the process taken, and use the ProjectKorra API in general. The first video which covers setting up the basics of your...
  4. Sobki

    Community Interaction

    Hey guys, recently in shoutbox there has been some discussion on the topic of staff members and our interaction with the community. I want to make it clear that I'm writing this on my own accord, out of curiosity and my want to improve this project and the bending community as a whole. My main...
  5. Sobki


    Sobki submitted a new resource: Cleanse - Cleanse your foes of their impurities! Read more about this resource...
  6. Sobki


    Sobki submitted a new resource: ShadowSuit - Enhance the power of the shadows Read more about this resource...
  7. Sobki


    Was just messing around with Sorin, and was wondering if anyone would ACTUALLY use this ability if we made it. Pretty much, you hold shift & somehow ( we haven't decided how source blocks will work ) you make a tent out of earth looking something like this: I understand this is probably the...