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  1. KingGoldensPanda

    Bug Report 2 Horrific Errors

    Hi! I believe this goes here I'm honestly not sure, the guide for this category is outdated. There are 3 horrible errors that are continuously reoccurring however, I cannot figure out what they are. They cause logs to be nearly 1GB a day which is a problem x.x Would anyone know if these will...
  2. KingGoldensPanda

    Royal Legacy

    Royal Legacy: First login to minecraft with version 1.9 or 1.10, and then Connect through RLN.Rocks or Play.RoyalLegacy.US After, type /server factions! Features our Bending server offers: Factions Double Life, rankup with in game money to get up to 3 health bars! PvP Arena for Bending mcMMO...