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    How do I use the mod?

    im not sure about the mod but if you are using the plugin you need to set up the permissions using luckperms or another perm plugin. there you will assign the commands you want your players to have. after you have all the perms set up you can use the commands.
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    Save unnamed preset as null

    Hi i am a server admin and we have run into the issue multiple times where one of our players makes a preset but does not give it a name. This makes it save as null and starts to make the console throw errors. I was hopping someone had a fix or a patch for this?
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    Looking Into Bending Mob?

    Ik this post is old but thought i would let you all know, that at BendingMC we have made a few mobs recently for bending. While they dont do bending we will add bending mobs later. So far tho we have added in flying lemurs (Momo) to our server!