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  1. AndDrew

    Challenge - Tell everyone you know about this.

    Boy why you take bending so seriously it’s literally a Minecraft plugin.
  2. AndDrew

    Our God

    This is truly a spectacular sight. It is my life’s regret that I was not there to see it. Now I shall sit in my corner with discontent, eternally until the end of days. Farewell.
  3. AndDrew

    Challenge - Tell everyone you know about this.

    Chao ur not even god at air I can beet yu with eleven herts while only using tornad0.
  4. AndDrew


    You go Rob! And there are players on Benda quite often. This is my favorite bending server at the moment.
  5. AndDrew

    The [New] ProjectKorra Server Discussion Thread!

    - Hire more active staff. - Hire more builders. ;) - Find a way to reset the arenas. - Remove the custom warps plugin and just use the one already in essentials. - Remove the resource world and just have the resources be in the avatar world. - Remove factions and implement towny instead...
  6. AndDrew

    Four Nations Announcement

    Woah whoever made that video is a genius!
  7. AndDrew

    Suggestion Bring Back the Old Catapult!

    I agree, earth is a bit of a lackluster element when it comes to mobility. Not too much but I think a horizontal catapult option would work quite nice. Good suggestion.
  8. AndDrew

    Suggestion Fast Swim

    Yeah, it seems unbalanced. Water is already very fast.
  9. AndDrew

    Earthbenders tricks with fighting Airbenders

    Spam earthblast when they’re air blasting and earth smash when they’re staying still or airshielding.
  10. AndDrew


    Not gonna lie, I think Elementum is better and I don't even like Elementum that much.
  11. AndDrew

    Dear Concept Developers

    Oh, never mind then.
  12. AndDrew

    Dear Concept Developers

    No, no he wasn’t. Not to my knowledge at least.
  13. AndDrew

    Dear Concept Developers

    But loony left...
  14. AndDrew

    Should Teachers Be Armed?

    Taser vs AR-15. Who will win? I’m not for teachers with guns but tasers would be next to useless.
  15. AndDrew

    ProjectKorra API Development Tutorials

    Sobki you’re ugly noob hah.
  16. AndDrew

    Suggestion Transformation

    Good suggestion. I loved being able to source surge from manip. This was extremely hard but very useful.
  17. AndDrew

    AirBlast & AirSuction Review

    You’re Lea and sab videos? Holy shit I used to watch your ability reviews like 2 years ago haha. Good video.
  18. AndDrew

    Suggestion Lightning addition

    I think it’d be cool if you click lightning it’d shoot out something like jedcore’s discharge.
  19. AndDrew


    Hell yeah! Bendamania was always the best.
  20. AndDrew

    Suggestion JedCore Moves in ProjectKorra (Core)?

    Am I the only one who likes PK without jedcore? :(