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  1. _Hetag1216_


    It doesn't.
  2. _Hetag1216_

    Bug Report ice trap problem

    Hi, you can't really stop it, it's the ability's mechanic and there is nothing you can do until the ability's code gets fixed/improved, in the case there actually is a code problem.
  3. _Hetag1216_

    Bug Report Block Respawn

    Hi, sadly there isn't an option to the define the regeneration time of sources that have been consumed by abilities.
  4. _Hetag1216_

    Bug Report How to disable bending with worldgaurd

    Hi! To disable bending you need the WGBendingFlag side plugin that you can download from here, this plugin is outdated but it should work for every version as far as i know. To set a bending region use: /region flag <region> bending <deny/allow> Make sure to use /region and not /rg, which isn't...
  5. _Hetag1216_

    Bug Report Avatar State doesn't seem to be working

    Hi! If you're using ProjectKorra version 1.8.6 then you can fix it from the config. In ProjectKorra 1.8.6 looks like the sound option is glitched, disabling it seems to make the ability work. This is the path: Avatar: AvatarState: Enabled: true Cooldown: 7200000 Duration...
  6. _Hetag1216_

    the PK slows the opening

    Sadly there's not an estimated time yet. I'm not sure if you're able to get rid of the updater manually, but I think so, everyone should be able to since it's an open source so everyone could make its own version, not sure about it tho. It may go against the rules as we could be allowed to.
  7. _Hetag1216_

    the PK slows the opening

    Projectkorra developmenting team is already working on it. A fix won’t be applied before the release of projectkorra 1.8.7 since the updater will be fixed in that version. For now we just need to wait, we can’t do anything else other than this, let’s hope 1.8.7 will be a stable version without...
  8. _Hetag1216_


    Coolioo :o :p
  9. _Hetag1216_

    the PK slows the opening

    I'm having the same problem though, just asked because i've seen that you've got many errors. Just realized it could be avatarstate. By the way the slow down is probably caused by the updater, so we might need a staff member. Let's wait.
  10. _Hetag1216_

    the PK slows the opening

    What spigot version are you using?
  11. _Hetag1216_


    Basically because sandbullet was my first ability ever, and I wasn't able to. I don't really know why i did red and normal sand particles tho, thought It was probably cool.
  12. _Hetag1216_


    I like this idea, maybe if the player uses the sand in their inventory It could have a charge time, the bender would’ve to manipulate sand before shooting the bullet.
  13. _Hetag1216_


    _Hetag1216_ updated SandBullet with a new update entry: Update Read the rest of this update entry...
  14. _Hetag1216_

    Earthbending SandBullet - Update

    - Updated to ProjectKorra 1.8.6 New features: - The sandbender can now use this ability only if they're standing on a sandbendable block. - Better particles for the show. - Fixed sound issues. - Minor bugs fix. To do: - AvatarState buffs. - Add a gif (if someone wants to take a gif of the...
  15. _Hetag1216_

    Misc. / Other DarkBeam - Update

    - Updated to ProjectKorra 1.8.6 To do: - AvatarState buffs.
  16. _Hetag1216_


    _Hetag1216_ updated DarkBeam with a new update entry: Update Read the rest of this update entry...
  17. _Hetag1216_

    Should Teachers Be Armed?

    As long as they're not weapons that don't mean any arms (quite impossible). Let's give them lightningbending with a high stun chance (get my point).
  18. _Hetag1216_

    Element prefix next to name

    You're welcome!;)
  19. _Hetag1216_

    Element prefix next to name

    You can disable the option from the language.yml configuration file. Chat: Enable: false Format: '<name>: <message>' Colors: Avatar: DARK_PURPLE Air: GRAY AirSub: DARK_GRAY Water: AQUA WaterSub: DARK_AQUA Earth: GREEN EarthSub: DARK_GREEN Fire: RED...
  20. _Hetag1216_

    Perm Help

    By adding the elements He would give avatar to everyone. By using serversigns You can link the command that gives the element to the player. I reccomend to add the following commands to the sign: /svs add <server> b remove <player> *to remove every elements from the player and preventing...