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    Coding custom abilities (T_T)

    If it's this difficult just to find out how to do it I would rather pay someone to make them for me instead.
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    This is in the works, apologies for it taking this long to implement. I had originally thought I had made that possible but I guess my memory doesn't serve me that well.
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    Airbending Pressure - Update

    Wow it's been almost a decade since I first made this ability, sheesh time flies. Thanks to the aid of another member of this great community this ability has been updated to work with the latest version of PK core! IO hope everyone who enjoyed this ability will be pleased to see it working now...
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    Aceliip updated Pressure with a new update entry: Update Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Airbending Pressure - I give up

    To anyone that this may pertain to, I am fed up with how both PK and Spigot have changed over the years to the point where a simple person like can't even update a goddamned plugin that simply an addon ability for a much larger plugin with out the hassle of going through an entire school length...
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    Aceliip updated Pressure with a new update entry: I give up Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Updating Abilities

    So I recently returned to play with PK again on my updated server and wanted to update my old ability I created years back. Having forgotten how to even settup an ability I found a video that can guide me through the process of creating one and unfortunately about a quarter through it I was...
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    So I just attemtped running Spirits with the latest version of MC and PK and this error happens when I try using Possess. https://pastebin.com/TcZyJRYJ
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    ProjectKorra (Core)

    Any word on a 1.14 patch? It runs on 14 but it causes some people to DC...
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    Not sure if this is the beginning of more sand moves later on or what but idk whats good about "making sand" without sand-bending moves to use it alongside with for example water has phasechange to make ice for ice moves...
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    Me either, in fact it blocks their bending until relog...
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    I seem to have found something of a bug/issue with the LightSpirit combo. It states: "After executing the combo sequence, you will mark the ground with positively charged spiritual energy for a duration of time. Entities can come to this location to heal themselves, but dark creatures must...
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    You are correct in this comment, I am a visual/hands-on learner. I did end up figuring it out and the ability does follow and fire from your current location now, all that is left is to add sound configuration as well as an option to disable both that and the confuse aspect if desired. Thank you...
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    I hope to one day become better at coding but sadly it won't come sooner. However, I do agree with your suggestions and later on I plan to add more configuration. This ability may even become a combo instead once I get around to figuring that part out lol.
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    Sadly I do not know how to change the sounds but if you do then by all means pm me :)
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    Not sure what the problem was but it definitely was not my ability as all bending including this one works just fine on my private server.
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    Airbending Pressure - Refresher

    Just a quick refresher for everyone. This ability does still work even with the latest build of PK-Core! I would very much love any help making this ability better. If anyone is interested and knows coding I need this ability to get a sound rework, that would be amazing :) That is all for now...
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    Aceliip updated ©Pressure with a new update entry: Refresher Read the rest of this update entry...
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    server keeps timing out whever I get on and execute a cmd.