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    Selling MineSpud Domain - established bending server

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    For some reason, after a day or so of being up, my servers bending breaks: 21.02 14:51:04 [Server] WARN com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLNonTransientConnectionException: No operations allowed after connection closed. 21.02 14:51:04 [Server] WARN at...
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    i could kiss u rn. You just made my players very happy.
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    Is there an updated version of JedCore where everything works?
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    How do I stop bloodbended players from getting kicked for flying?

    How do I stop bloodbended players from getting kicked for flying?
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    Suggestion Bending Preview Detail

    Also maybe an option to select whether or not you want the bending preview title to fade out, or select how long you have to be selecting the slot for, for the label to fade out? I personally would rather they didn't fade out.
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    Suggestion Bending Preview Detail

    Literally thought to my self a few days ago, "Jeez its hard for me to even tell when a cool down is finished, let alone bending noobs" so I remembered today and thought i'll suggest it, And its already been suggested! That gif on the first page is just perfect, you need nothing more than that!
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    How do I remove this?

    How do I remove the ProjectKorra advertisement?
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    What does this error mean?

    23.12 20:39:37 [Multicraft] stretco ran command Message of the Day 23.12 20:39:37 [Server] WARN com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLNonTransientConnectionException: No operations allowed after connection closed. 23.12 20:39:37 [Server] WARN at...
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    My gIF
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    Some notes on the direction of ProjectKorra

    I really like the step towards bug fixing. Having been in Minecraft's "Avatar" community for a long time, something I have noticed from when Orion was still active is that there are just so so so many bugs. Whether they are inconspicuous or not they all contribute to a player's quality of...
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    I have noticed that right-clicking the compass only displays a GUI when the player is facing/close enough to a block. This turns away some of my new players who don't understand why nothing appears when they right click the compass. I was wondering if it'd be possible to have the compass...
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    Suffocation Bug

    It didn't use to do that? What is the point of suffocate if you have sucha long warm up and cool down that you can only have one hit at their HP? Isn't the point of suffocate to trap them and kill them? In previous versions you would shift on the player and the animatoin would happen and then...
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    Suffocation Bug

    That's the thing, the player wasn't moving intentionally, the knockback from being suffocated automatically pushes the player out.
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    Fixed The "Flying Glitch"

    VERSION: Latest one (Beta 10) There has been many instances where this flying glitch has been used and is convenient for water benders and/or avatars with state. The flying glitch basically explains what it does, it gives the ability for players to fly as if they had the ability to fly in...
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    Suffocation Bug

    Is it configurable? What is it called in the config if so?