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  1. Luminty

    (Water) Unfreezing WaterArms Spear

    I've experienced being stuck frozen by this too. What sucked was that I could still be hit. :o
  2. Luminty

    Vine...? plantbending ability

    Basically we need more vines lmao
  3. Luminty

    Armor Utility

    Without Eartharmor it would probably do much less damage and have much less knockback. I have never heard of Earth Ride. :o
  4. Luminty

    Armor Utility

    I was interested in MASTER-Pakku's idea of using armor for a utility ability on this thread (where I also commented about the usage), and I thought that Earthbenders could also benefit from this. In A:TLA, when Aang is trying to learn Earthbending, Toph surrounds herself with rocks for armor...
  5. Luminty

    Vine...? plantbending ability

    I think it would be cool to make it so that plant armor is used with shift, and left-click would give you a vine ability such as this one. I don't know how the particle stuff works, but would it be possible to use leaf-breaking particles? Just like packed really close or something? Don't melons...