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  1. jagr92


    This addon is amazing! Could it be possible to update it for PK 1.11.2?
  2. jagr92

    ProjectKorra 1.9.0 - The Blue Fire Update

    I have a problem with AvatarState, when I activate it, I gain regeneration effect but do not regenerate my life, and the same for HealingWaters.
  3. jagr92

    Issue Cant Remove Avatar From Players

    By plugin default, if a player is a non-op cannot use Avatar's abilities. In case of these players are not op, you should check permissions. If the group has the permission bending.ability.avatarstate or related abilities, they will be able to use them, even if you remove the Avatar "element".
  4. jagr92

    Help showing different players element in towny chat?

    I believe that is from Essentials. In Essentials config there's an option which replaces the tag of the chat, you have to change that option to false.
  5. jagr92

    Issue Water and Earth not working

    All the warns say that you have a problem with your Essentials version, have you tried to updated it?
  6. jagr92

    ProjectKorra (Core)

    I have an issue with the ability Lava Flow... Lava does not revert, and there is no crash or something similar in the console... There is someono could help? I am using PK 1.8.8. and minecraft 1.13.2.
  7. jagr92

    Suggestion Airbender's glide

    Well, if I did correctly what you mean, is not what I had in my head... I would like gliding like in the show.
  8. jagr92


    Also me :S
  9. jagr92

    Suggestion Airbender's glide

    Hi everyone! I have a suggestion that I would like to share: When you use a firework rocket while you are flying with elytra, you get an impulse that let you fly longer. Firstly, I was using the old flight's soar ability to impulse myself, with Flight rework I had to use the ability airjump, but...
  10. jagr92

    Summer 2018 is here! PK Updates

    These are wonderful news! But I have just one question: "Will ever be possible the compatibility between ProjectKorra and Sponge servers? " I'm a really fan of this plugin and I have to say a big THANK YOU for the effort that you are making (all of you) that can make this plugin possible.
  11. jagr92

    Bending Problems

    Yes!! I have already tried reloading and it also does not work... I have changed the cooldown to 7200 and have the same effect...
  12. jagr92

    Bending Problems

    Thank you so much!! But how can I install it? I download Jedcore 2.0.5 but it does not work... [Edit]: It works, I used a wrong jedcore version... Sorry u.u'
  13. jagr92

    Bending Problems

    Hello! First of all congratulations for this amazing plugin! Me and my friend have open a private server to play with our friends. The server is in 1.12 and we have installed the lastest version of projectkorra, but we have some problems: -The Avatar cannot activate the AvatarState (when is...