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  1. RobagNetwork

    ProjectKorra Core 1.8.7

    Thank you, ProjectKorra team!
  2. RobagNetwork


    All right, well I'll try to tell people not to do that. Neither of us wants any drama, but I must admit it's annoying when I'm blamed for the actions of others. Notwithstanding, I'll try to keep people under control.
  3. RobagNetwork


    It's not like I condone this or anything. You come here complaining like I would support that when it's someone with whom I'm not affiliated. I don't even recognize that username. So don't start drama with other servers over one rogue player. Thank you.
  4. RobagNetwork


    Hey everyone! After months of downtime (I know, crazy!), Bendamania has returned! We're determined to make this time around so much better for all of the players, commoners, peasants, and plebeians! Right now we're working on a new spawn, and all of our previous features should be back up within...
  5. RobagNetwork


    New arena, new spawn! The new arena will replace arena1, and the old arena1 will become arena2. The new arena was built by Eggie, one of our builders! More changes are to be made--stay tuned!
  6. RobagNetwork

    [Metal] MetalCable

    Don't think so
  7. RobagNetwork

    [Metal] MetalCable

    This is a good idea, and it would definitely bring an aspect to metalbending that hasn't been seen before in ProjectKorra.
  8. RobagNetwork


    Released creative plots! You can now build in creative mode in the plot world at /warp plots. We use the PlotSquared plugin in which everyone gets 1 free plot, but more plots can be earned through winning contests, bending tournaments, or by simply donating for a rank. WorldEdit is also allowed...
  9. RobagNetwork

    How To Take Abilities From Players

    Remove these permission nodes from your Default group (if they're there): bending.water.bloodbending (gives permission to the subelement bloodbending) bending.ability.bloodbending (gives permission to the ability bloodbending) bending.ability.bloodpuppet (gives permission to the ability...
  10. RobagNetwork


    Thanks; edited.
  11. RobagNetwork


    Maybe just the size and range of whatever bottlebending move you're doing will be altered - not the damage or cooldown. Like, if a Torrent is coming from a bottle, it should spin around the waterbender more closely than normal, use half water blocks instead of full ones (like at the end of...
  12. RobagNetwork

    Current surge - "Meh!"

    I agree with this idea. As of now Surge's shielding function doesn't work the way it should based off of the show. Not only that, but it gives water a more fluid feel to it like it didn't have as much of before. I think this is a well-rounded idea as it is. Pulling water from somewhere and using...
  13. RobagNetwork


    Website: bendamania.boards.net Owner: Robagio (RobagNetwork on these forums) What is Bendamania? Bendamania is an Avatar/Bending Survival (ProjectKorra) 1.8.8 Minecraft Bukkit server. Here on Bendamania, we offer a diverse community. People from all around the world play on Bendamania. You...
  14. RobagNetwork

    Desearía hablar español fluidamente

    Desearía hablar español fluidamente
  15. RobagNetwork

    [Deleted] EarthRift

    Thanks, that helps. So maybe make it go on cooldown as soon as the earthbender lets go of sneak the first time?
  16. RobagNetwork

    [Deleted] EarthRift

    One of my members found a glitch. You can rapid fire EarthRift before it goes into cooldown.
  17. RobagNetwork

    [Deleted] BloodFreeze

    Do you have to hold sneak or just tap? It might be helpful to specify that in the description.
  18. RobagNetwork


    Super old ability
  19. RobagNetwork

    [Deleted] JedCore

    I have a suggestion. Is it possible to make MetalHook not require wearing armor? It would help a lot in arenas where armor is prohibited.