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  1. xDizasterCYx


    Update for 1.8.6 please? https://hastebin.com/tafahakayo.vbs
  2. xDizasterCYx


    Can you update this to 1.8.4?
  3. xDizasterCYx


    "This is not an official ProjectKorra Server. All Contributions and Donations made to this server are in no way affiliated with ProjectKorra or any of its plugin and goes to the server only. ProjectKorra and its staff is not responsible of your gameplay experience while on this server."...
  4. xDizasterCYx

    Minecraft's EULA

    Hmmm I have no idea how does Mojang sees this but if they blacklist a bending server then they need to give them a really powerful appeal that will work.
  5. xDizasterCYx

    1.9 Support??

    It's more serious than you think, except all those plugins i am using, I had to change many plugins's default sounds to 1.9 sounds but that's nothing, my survival world uses custom biomes, and they how they are right now they are regenerated for 1.9 and they are completely incompatible with 1.8...
  6. xDizasterCYx

    1.9 Support??

    Sounds easy guys but I can't downgrade it now, I made all the process for my server to go to 1.9, it took me a day, I don't even remember what I made xD So I can't downgrade it.
  7. xDizasterCYx

    1.9 Support??

    Hm okay, I've turned off the sounds for each element in config.yml. Playsound: false Recommend this to anyone with the same issue, its helps a bit, however i cant disable some certain sounds.
  8. xDizasterCYx

    1.9 Support??

    :/ ok Is there any way to prevent those spam errors that cause lag?
  9. xDizasterCYx

    1.9 Support??

    Hello guys, we have all seen the amazing new updates that came :D the thing is, they are not updated for 1.9, the sounds are not replaced by the 1.9 sounds, causing huge lag...
  10. xDizasterCYx

    [Deleted] PlantWhip

  11. xDizasterCYx

    [Deleted] ProjectKorra Mobs

    Getting this: http://pastebin.com/c17LJphr Using the latest version of all latest versions.
  12. xDizasterCYx

    NoCheatPlus compatibiltity

    You guys should make an official addon for cheats :s It's really needed.
  13. xDizasterCYx

    NoCheatPlus compatibiltity

    Hello guys, title says it all. I wanted to say that bending really needs an anti-cheat to prevent those cheaters and i was wondering if thats possible, is there support for ncp, or is there a config that helps it?
  14. xDizasterCYx

    [Deleted] JedCore

  15. xDizasterCYx

    1.9 is out, what now?

    They should really change the sounds to that, or wait I think we have the option to change the sounds by our own :s
  16. xDizasterCYx

    1.9 is out, what now?

    Hm, maybe they can do something with the glowing effect, maybe a move that tags the player? or maybe a move that when the enemy is damaged, they get tagged and I dont really think elytra can benefit bending.
  17. xDizasterCYx

    [Deleted] ProCore

    I've studied the bug I told you more... It happens when I reload PK.
  18. xDizasterCYx


    Looks like he won't update it anymroe, he has to join since 20 December 2015 ._.
  19. xDizasterCYx


    Found a bug: http://pastebin.com/R6F02VCN
  20. xDizasterCYx

    First Look at Spirits (literally!)

    Hm it would be nice to make another dimension like the nether, you can create it with a type of pattern and get to the other world and find the spirits there :D