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  1. paliate

    Important ProjectKorra Texture Pack Suggestions.

    Hello everyone. As you may have guessed from the title ProjectKorra has decided to bring back the texture pack. The texture pack will no longer be a full pack in the sense that it covers all grounds, it will be a layerable pack to replace certain aspects of your normal pack to make it more...
  2. paliate

    Rapid [Air]

    as seen in the gif above, tenzin was able to make rapid air bullets that were done continuously. which is different from the airblast that he presented here the rapid air bullets would be able to be used 1-3 times in a rapid clicking succession. if you were to click 3 times within a second of...
  3. paliate

    Burning Effect

    Hello! Today i'm going to be preaching about why the burning effect should be taken out of Fire. In the show(s), It's almost never that you see someone actually set on fire so why would you get set on fire with every hit? The burning effect causes lag issues for alot of people aswell as it...
  4. paliate

    Fan Art Thread!

    Hey this is a thread for sharing fan art you like or have made to the community. I feel as though it'd be a lot more useful then just having a thousand threads of just pictures. So if you have the odd desire to want to share your favorite fan art then go for it! Personally this is my favorite...
  5. paliate

    Edit to WallOfFire

    I believe that walloffire should do damage to the bender who is doing it. If you think about it logically it should, Fire is fire and it burns. It isn't rational why it shouldn't cause damage to the bender using it. If you think about it, fireblast can hurt the bender, combustion can, blaze can...
  6. paliate

    Charged Airswipe Addon.

    Hello! I believe that charged airswipe should be wider than a regular airswipe If you really think about it, would a charged move look the same as a regular? I think not. I believe the charged airswipe should be 2-3 blocks wider than the regular airswipe.
  7. paliate

    Toggleable Moves Without AvatarState.

    Hello, I have a server with donator ranks such as avatar. I would like to be able to give the toggleable abilities to them without giving them avatarstate. I think it'd be really helpful to server owners who think that avatarstate is too op (i know its configurable) and want to give their...
  8. paliate

    Valid Graphic Artist Application.

    How long have you been dealing with GFX? I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, I got more serious about it around 3 years ago, Where I then went digital and started to master drawing programs & editing software such as Photoshop, Paint tool sai, Gimp, You name it. Could you please...
  9. paliate

    Fixed Firebending Not Working & Bending Remove Not Working

    I seem to have stumbled upon a problem... For some odd reason i cannot remove anyones bending, When i do the command all i get is in console. Plugins: I also cannot use Combustion, Blaze, Or Fireblast, Though all of the other moves work just fine, If any farther information is needed...