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  1. Just_Luca

    C-combo idea's

    A three player c-combo me and co. came up with using Water, Earth and Water. Player 1 uses Torrent to push the enemy to Player 2, who uses EarthGrab to keep the enemy in place while Player 3 uses either 1) a Spear WaterArms to as a finishing blow to freeze them over, the easier option, or 2) a...
  2. Just_Luca

    Techniques and combos for pvp

    How do I get the ice to use said skills if I'm not near a lake or something similar? Sorry, I'm still new so I'm not aware of most common tricks or glitches like the AirBlast trick.
  3. Just_Luca

    Waterbending Tips

    Hi guys! I started playing with this plugin only recently, so I wanted to ask fellow Waterbenders some combat tips! I'm new to forums as well, so feel free to point out any mistakes I made.