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  1. NecKteviL

    Denied PoisonousBlast

    No, but PK can create them.
  2. NecKteviL

    Denied PoisonousBlast

    Did you ever hear about poisonous plant? Examples:
  3. NecKteviL

    Denied PoisonousBlast

    Name: PoisonousBlast (You can change the name as you want) Element: Water Sub-element: Plant Cooldown: 25000 Hit Damage: 1.0 Effects: Poison x7sec, Nausea x5sec To use, simply shift on a Plant Bendable Block and then left click wherever you want to shoot leaves, doing a bit damage and giving the...
  4. NecKteviL


    Can you update please? Just this move, I really like it.
  5. NecKteviL

    WaterSpout config suggestion

    Oh sorry D:
  6. NecKteviL

    WaterSpout config suggestion

    Sorry, I didn't know BlockSpiral is now in the original plugin.
  7. NecKteviL

    WaterSpout config suggestion

    Jed told me to write this on the suggestion bit. I'm askng him to set WaterSpout BlockSpiral as default
  8. NecKteviL

    WaterSpout config suggestion

    I encountered a problem changing the config of some moves as WaterSpout and WaterBubble. Then I thought "Well, ok, I gotta use WaterBubble with a big radius" What happens is that when I try to change the config of any move, when I open the GUI, he upload the default config and I cannot change...
  9. NecKteviL

    [Deleted] JedCore

    It worked, but now when I set WaterSpout BlockSpiral true nothing happens, and every times I try to set it on, when I start the server, the gui set it on false. Can you make it already setted on with the next update?
  10. NecKteviL

    [Deleted] JedCore

    Ty :p One question: In the Pk config or in the jedcore one? *Mabye this could be a stupid question,but I really don't know .-.*
  11. NecKteviL

    [Deleted] JedCore

    Jed I found a bug: The moves themselves work, but moves like WaterSpout and Combustion dind't change. How to fix?
  12. NecKteviL

    1.8.0 BETA 10

    Mine is Italian, I speak english, however my friends speak only italian. :D
  13. NecKteviL


    I'm so happy about that! :rolleyes:
  14. NecKteviL

    I'm fine, thanks :P

    I'm fine, thanks :P
  15. NecKteviL


  16. NecKteviL

    [Deleted] BloodFreeze

    Update, I really love this! I hope you'll update all the moves you've made :P
  17. NecKteviL

    Volkan (Volcano)

    Update! :P
  18. NecKteviL

    [Deleted] EarthRift

    Can't wait to use it with Beta 10 ;)
  19. NecKteviL


    Can you please update this for beta 10?
  20. NecKteviL

    [Deleted] ProCore

    Ok,but I didn't mention Core