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  1. Fyf

    Wall of Fire knock back tweak

    Context Currently Wall of Fire applies knockback upon contact with the wall, this knockback is applied no matter the velocity the player is traveling at which is unrealistic and annoying. Tweak If you’re airblasting/ wallrunning (Jedcore)/ Jetblasting towards a wall of fire, you should be...
  2. Fyf

    Denied Killing Enderdragon = Rainbow fire particles? (April Fools)

    I've compiled this into a google document so that i could format it easier because it has a lot of pictures and Gifs https://docs.google.com/document/d/10zj1B7bZ_cxTfYX0QdwMg2rlVjo7FXY-N2aEtsI9AP8/edit?usp=drivesdk Please comment thoughtfully below -Fyf
  3. Fyf

    Denied Fire & Air Sources (April Fools)

    Firebending & Airbending Sources -General Idea -Firebending and Airbending would require sources to be selected in order to use moves, similar to how Earth and Water require their sources. -Fire will have to select its source of fire from a block of fire, or a burning entity. -Air will have to...
  4. Fyf

    Denied MetalShield (Name subject to change)

    Footnote: I am interested into incorporating wearing iron chestplate as a source for more metal-bending moves, as carrying something valuable like metal ingots isn't really viable in PvP and this means metal doesn't get as much play as something like Lava. I believe moves like this would be a...
  5. Fyf

    Denied Group/ Team Combos

    Not sure if this has been suggested before, Nor am I sure if it is possible to even implement. General Idea: -Groups of two or more benders who are in a registered group (PK or external team plugin) together can combo their moves together to create a more powerful combo, the more benders...