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  1. Fuzzy

    Voloron Network

    Welcome to the Voloron Network! Our network (Opheon) has been rebranded! The Voloron Network is planning on a long-term re-release in Summer 2021, but for now we are opening the network for a couple weeks to give our player base a taste of what's to come! Avatar Survival: Our Avatar Survival...
  2. Fuzzy

    Korra Tribute ;(

    This as a tribute made to the Legend of Korra after it aired its final episode. I love the mashup of all these scenes that made the viewers sit on the edge of their seats.
  3. Fuzzy

    Looking Into Phase (Teleportation)

    Introduction: As we all know, spirits have great powers beyond any comprehension. Just as Korra manipulated some spiritual energy, a flux happened between the spirit world and the physical world causing a new spirit portal to be opened. We did not know much about spirits in The Last Airbender...
  4. Fuzzy

    New Earthbending Abilities/Changes

    Introduction: To start off this post, I would like to present two of the following abilities that I think should be edited to make earthbending more efficient. These two abilities are "Raiseearth" and "Collapse". These moves do work well at the moment, and many earthbenders like to use...
  5. Fuzzy

    Valid Concept Designer Application

    I understand that I have applied for this position before and I used to be a highly active member on the forum. Although with preparing for college and finishing off my senior year in high school, I needed to spend more of my extra curricular time other than where I would have liked to. With...
  6. Fuzzy

    Looking Into SpiritualConnection

    Ability Background: It is shown in the Legend of Korra series that spirits are able to enter the physical bodies of humans. With that being said, in the era of Raava, Avatar Wan and Raava are not Spiritually Bonded yet. If Wan needed more power for his bending or needed to change his element...
  7. Fuzzy

    Updates with Plantbending

    For a while now, Earthbending has been receiving many updates with lavabending and metalbending, both which have been getting Fan Made moves as well. I think it is time that waterbending recieves a little special update other than combos, because there is not much more you can do with...
  8. Fuzzy

    Invalid Concept Designer Application

    How long have you been involved in the Avatar Series / ProjectKorra? I have been influenced with the world of avatar since the first series, The Last Airbender, was aired on the television. To this day, I still continue to be inspired by the unique world of avatar and I have watched every new...
  9. Fuzzy

    Bug Report Metalbending Sources

    Plugin: Latest Dev Build Version(s): 14-15 (noticed) Problem: The metalbending sources have an increased damage factor to begin with, but as a metalbender throws these blocks continuously, the amount of damage they do increases. For instance, if a metalbender throws the metalbending source...
  10. Fuzzy


    Fuzzy submitted a new resource: SeismicSense - Shift to sense the vibrations within the earth and see what is around you in total darkness. Read more about this resource...
  11. Fuzzy


    Fuzzy submitted a new resource: Sonicblast - Left click to throw a blast of wind, piercing your enemy's eardrums with soundwaves, confusing them. Read more about this resource...
  12. Fuzzy

    Complete Ice Bullet (New Waterbending Move)

    The Legend of Korra series has brought upon many new styles of bending for benders to use. This move I am suggesting was used by the previous Water tribe councilman of republic city, Tarrlok. In an attempt to gain leverage over Avatar Korra, Tarrlok fails, and the two begin to fight within...
  13. Fuzzy

    New Metalbending Moves

    All of the abilities listed below are ideas that could potentially be added for Earthbenders with the Sub-Element of Metalbending. If you like any of the abilities or have any suggestions on how to make them better, post them in the comments :p New Metalbending Abilities: - Refraction: This...
  14. Fuzzy

    Complete Earthbending Adjustments

    Since the incorporation of all the Sub-Elements into ProjectKorra, I have been thinking more about updates we can add to separate the original elements from the Sub-Elements. Metalbending currently has one move and Lavabending is being developed now, so one of my suggestions is to give them more...
  15. Fuzzy

    Tornado Power?

    I am pretty sure I can speak for everyone by saying, "we are all stunned by the finale of the Legend of Korra book 3." One of my favorite parts of that episode was how the Airbenders combined their power to form a giant tornado. With that being said, an idea popped into my head about an...
  16. Fuzzy

    New Move: Dust Cloud

    Like the title says, I have thought of a new move called "Dust Cloud" and this will be a move for Earth Benders. Recently, I have been re-watching the original Avatar: The Last Airbender series and a particular move performed by Toph has caught my attention. Earthbending on Project Korra can be...
  17. Fuzzy

    SeismicSense (TemorSense Change)

    Currently, in the ProjectKorra plugin the move TremorSense allows a player to mentally see what is around them at night or while in the dark by using their Earthbending to sense vibrations. In many episodes, Lin Beifong using a move called SeismicSense to discover hidden caves/tunnels while the...
  18. Fuzzy

    Waterbending Changes/Additions

    For a while now, I have seen people complain about how Waterbenders are not receiving any new bending abilities and just recently I viewed an edit for Octopus Form presented by Immallama. In my opinion, I agree with Immallama, Octopus Form does need some changing. It takes a while for Octopus...