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  1. Cheeze_Itz

    Multiple hot bars

    Hey all- couldnt find this in a previous post so I apologize if this has come up somewhere but is there a way out there to toggle between predetermined hot bars? They are so many options to have on a hot bar its almost overwhelming to pick which 9 are best, so my question is if anyone knows a...
  2. Cheeze_Itz

    Bug Report Plugin Error

    Hello, my plugins do not seem to be working and im hoping someopne can help. I placed them in the projectkorra abilities folder and they load both in my server and on my list of moves. However, none of the moves actually execute in the game itself, even though I have the ability to bind and see...
  3. Cheeze_Itz


    Please im hoping someone can help, everytime I have asked for help I have been ignored. How does one download these .jar core and rpg files? Everytime I click on it nothing downloads. Please help someone!