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  1. Seabarrel


    Seabarrel submitted a new resource: SandManipulation - Control the flow of sand and even burst it! Read more about this resource...
  2. Seabarrel

    Sandbending SandManipulation 1.0.0

    Manipulate sand by holding shift. Click while manipulating it to create a burst. Made for PK version (1.9.2) https://github.com/Seabarrel/SandManipulation
  3. Seabarrel

    Bloodbending BloodManipulation 1.0.0

    For PK version 1.9 usage: Left click and hold shift depending on your choice. (Arm hurt) shift Left click to numb their arms and decreasing their bending damage. (Leg Hurt) left click to numb their legs making them get slowness config options: ArmHurt: true ArmHurtCooldown: 20000...
  4. Seabarrel


    Seabarrel submitted a new resource: BloodManipulation - Numb body parts of your opponents with this move. Hurting their legs or arms. Read more about this resource...
  5. Seabarrel

    EarthWalk 1.0.0

    Config options: - CooldownPerJump - KnockUp - MaxJumps - Cooldown - MaxHeight
  6. Seabarrel


    Seabarrel submitted a new resource: EarthWalk - Walk your way to space just like an airbender! Read more about this resource...