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  1. Legendary_ocean

    Suggestion Spiritual Projection

    Spiritual Projection ''Spiritual projection is a specialized airbending technique that consists of projecting one's spirit out of the body to travel to another location in a matter of seconds. Through projection, an airbender is able to explore locations that would otherwise have been...
  2. Legendary_ocean

    Bug Report waterarms [spear]

    sometimes the first fired spear arm is different. I doing freeze at first and then the first spear arm is always comes with different arm. The reason for this problem is the movements of other water arms. If you throw the spear after using other movements, not the last arm you used while using...
  3. Legendary_ocean

    Suggestion Suggestion about waterarms [spear]

    Which arm should shoot first spear? -right i think first right spear arm should fired because I don't always know which arm will be fired first and sometimes i miss the spear. finish, thank you for read :D
  4. Legendary_ocean

    Bug Report a few bug

    Bugs: Sometimes Icespike doesn't hit and doesn't come to bottle. Use ice-spike when looking at plants or players then icespike will collapse. The cooldown of torrent is being activated every time i left click to keep it or turn it around myself and also when im trying to turn it into ice...
  5. Legendary_ocean

    Suggestion IceBullet Combo development

    IceBullet now used icebullet's ice pieces are moving in a single line and it is very difficult to hit one when using this gesture.my idea is that ice pieces come in more than one place, not out in a single line. https://i.makeagif.com/media/9-27-2018/mLUYFh.gif Ice pieces should come in...
  6. Legendary_ocean

    Suggestion Flight

    Flight I will now suggestion you a different flight ability. I don't find the flight ability that we use now very useful and nice. It's a bit like Zaheer's flight ability. (pk 1.8.7 flight) My suggestion is that the flight action is not multi-talent and is used with other abilities. I can tell...
  7. Legendary_ocean

    Suggestion description of sub-elements

    Sub-elements should have a description for /b h command. sample: /b h blood Bloodbending is a sub-skill within waterbending, recognized as the darkest and deadliest of all specialized techniques. It was discovered by Hama during her imprisonment at a facility designed to detain waterbenders...
  8. Legendary_ocean

    Suggestion vegetarian airbenders

    we know air benders has very high saturation and and air benders can quickly clear their openings after eating natural foods. my suggestion is that the air benders should fill up their hunger bars quickly by eating vegetable foods. The airbender fills up two times more hunger bar after eating...
  9. Legendary_ocean

    Bug Report erors

    I reloaded my server and got these errors. https://paste.ofcode.org/XYbrphzcvtwRVyKqcrzWQn = http://bit.ly/2JNh9vI
  10. Legendary_ocean