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  1. RobagNetwork


    Website: bendamania.boards.net Owner: Robagio (RobagNetwork on these forums) What is Bendamania? Bendamania is an Avatar/Bending Survival (ProjectKorra) 1.8.8 Minecraft Bukkit server. Here on Bendamania, we offer a diverse community. People from all around the world play on Bendamania. You...
  2. RobagNetwork

    Bug Report AirBurst goes through walls

    ProjectKorra (Core) 1.8.0 BETA 6 Ability "AirBurst" AirBurst, when released, is allowed to go through walls. I've tested this in many different scenarios. I captured a video of me using Surge ice wall and WafflesForLife is using AirBurst on me. Instead, AirBurst should not go through walls...
  3. RobagNetwork

    Airbending Techniques~

    It has appeared to me that the largest group of benders in this community is waterbending. I personally love waterbending, but I hate how so many people use it tbh. So I am here to spread some knowledge about the amazing element of air! 1. Spirituality • Air is the element of freedom. Airbenders...
  4. RobagNetwork

    Tips of Airbending

    This is like @Hero 's thread about Tips of Waterbending, except for airbending. - AirBlast can be used as a very good mobility move - simply tap sneak at the ground, look in the direction you wish to go (vertical and diagonal work well), jump, and left click! It will propel you, and this could...
  5. RobagNetwork

    What would you like to see on a new bending server?

    Hello, everyone. I just opened my new bending server, and we need some new members! I realized one great way of getting members to stay on my server is to make my server different and unique. So, I ask you all this question: what would YOU like to see on a bending server? I already have Factions...
  6. RobagNetwork

    Faction Friendly Fire in Arenas?

    Hello, everyone. The last thing I have to do with my bending arenas is to allow friendly fire in the arena world only. This way faction members and allies can attack each other in the arena world, but friendly fire is disabled in the faction world. I've looked into using WarZone but this...
  7. RobagNetwork

    Fixed Bending Permissions

    I'm sorry if this isn't a bug report, but my players cannot choose their element, and do not have bending permissions. I gave them permissions like bending.player, and that did not work. Then I gave them each player permission, and that did not work either. I even gave one person bending.* and...
  8. RobagNetwork

    Fixed General Bending Not Working

    I recently have logged on to my test server and I couldn't bend. At least, not airbending or firebending. I am using ProjectKorra Core version 1.6.0 BETA 17, and I use CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-870264a-0a645a2. MC: 1.8.3 (Implementing API Version 1.8.3-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) I believe it is...
  9. RobagNetwork

    Bug Report Firebending causing error message

    I am using ProjectKorra Core version 1.8.0 BETA 15 and none of the firebending moves work. In the console I get a very long error message. I am using Spigot for 1.8 and I was on Minecraft version 1.8.3 when this occurred. I have many plugins but these could be the ones that might interfere with...