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  1. TheBonnySimcraft

    Denied Steambending - New Watersubelement

    Steambending What?: Steambending as a new subelement for water Why?: It is often used in the show it is a state of water Who?: As it is for all other subelements (exept of flight and bloodbending) everyone should be able to do this I just think there should be added steambending as...
  2. TheBonnySimcraft

    Default Bendable Materials

    I think there are so many blocks which are not bendable by default and where i personally can't see any sense behind, why they shouldn't be bendable. I know there is a config where you can add bendable blocks but many server haven't add anything in there. It would be really useful if some blocks...
  3. TheBonnySimcraft

    Suggestion SandStorm

    Name: SandStorm Element: Earth Subelement: Sand Usage: Holding Shift -> creates a sandstorm a bit like an AirShield with sandcrack particles Function: Has a little knockback on entities and it would deal damage to them. You can prevent the damage if you have also SandStorm bended and...