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  1. Sshawarma

    Complete Airbending staff and Elytra texture

    With the recent addition of the elytra, and the announcement of the PK resource pack revamp, i was wondering if you guys would retexture the elytra as a glider(or something similar anyway). For people that dont want/use the RPG texture, maybe you could make a separate resource pack or a...
  2. Sshawarma

    Project Korra + Protocollib

    This is not a suggestion nor do i necessarilly even like the idea, BUT if the devs could use protocollib, what could they do with it? Protocol lib has let many plugins be able to do things the normal MC API could not, and if devs could use it, how would they be able to change projectkorea...
  3. Sshawarma

    Denied Mana/Energy system

    Sooooo, recently i had an idea that we could have an (optional) mana/energy system incorporated into the rpg plugin. It would work sort of as a tiredness level, where big moves use up more of your energy (all configurable). As you bend more and "level up" you gain more "energy...
  4. Sshawarma

    MC 1.9 ETA

    IK IK , i sound whiny, but when is a 1.9 ETA at least. I'm not trying to rush u guys, and i can't do anything near what u guys are doing........but it would be cool to know WHEN pk 1.9 can be expected so that i (we server owners) can start planning for it.
  5. Sshawarma

    Help with learning Java and spigot/PK api?

    Okay....so I don't usually ask for help because usually everything is pretty straight-forward and easy to follow with configuring PK and stuff. However, recently i have been getting into learning Java (like all of last week). I have been following tutorials pretty well and can now make simple...
  6. Sshawarma


    Are we allowed to customize the ProjectKorra Resourcepack? Like if i want to tweak some items or add music from avatar. If not, thats okay, i just wanted to double check before doing anything with it.
  7. Sshawarma

    Flight config

    I accidentally enabled flgiht :( and now all the server members want flight. That's beside the point though :P. I was wondering if we could have a more detailed config for flight like a duration and speed configuration. Thanks
  8. Sshawarma

    Fixed Chiblocking Fall Damage

    hi i am using the latest pk version (1.7 beta 12), and i realized chiblockers only take fall damage if they dont hit the ground running. I think this is a bug and i dont know if it may be linked with another abilities but any help would be appreciated :D. If this is suppossed to happen then sry...
  9. Sshawarma

    Suggestion Airglider suggestion....

    I was wondering if the devs could recreate banners into an airglider like how this plugin https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/bannerwings.7833/ made banners into wings. It would be really cool and out of the box. :) Edit: I also saw an example of using banners to create wings in a server lobby.