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  1. Sorin

    [Deleted] AirJump

    Thanks! ^-^
  2. Sorin

    [Deleted] AirJump

    I was thinking about making an airblast plus, and it will still happen, I decided to release this incase server owners wanted airjump without airblast+, you know?
  3. Sorin

    [Deleted] AirJump

    Sorin submitted a new resource: AirJump - Jump with the power of your airbending! Read more about this resource...
  4. Sorin


    Pk beta 10, and 11. Make sure you are using spigot 1.8.8.
  5. Sorin

    No, it doesn't work with anything else than spigot 1.8.8 atm. A 1.9 update will be out soon though!

    No, it doesn't work with anything else than spigot 1.8.8 atm. A 1.9 update will be out soon though!
  6. Sorin

    A lot of things... | June 13th, 2016

    What happened in Florida was really sad, it sucks that we have to live in such a messed up world. Aside from all of the sad things, I'm happy to be apart of the team :3
  7. Sorin

    Chat tags for EssentialsChat

    I actually really like this idea.
  8. Sorin

    Responding right now :P

    Responding right now :P
  9. Sorin

    PrayForOrlando Signature :P

    So I made a pic for #PrayForOrlando Feel free to use it, resize it, redistribute.
  10. Sorin

    The Transition

    I hate to see you go Mist, but what you have done here is amazing, and I hope you do even more amazing things in the future! And congratz Kiam! I'm sure you're gonna be amazing too!
  11. Sorin


    If only I could give you both the like and agree rating on the same post.
  12. Sorin


    I don't agree with you in any way at all, and i'm not gonna go through the thread trying to find posts you have made just to disagree with you in the end anyways. And in my opinion this would be a really good re-balance, and I hope this does happen, and if it doesn't i'll be releasing an...
  13. Sorin


    Airblast has more uses to it than just mobility. You can use it to throw people into walls, you can use it to push people away to give your self some space. If you really only use AirBlast for mobility, you must be one of the airbenders that constantly run, Sorry, not sorry. The fact that so...
  14. Sorin


    b-but, it made life so much easier...
  15. Sorin


    Same, I miss being able to. I wonder why it was removed.
  16. Sorin


    If only you'd read the suggestion. This is a replacement for the current airblast mobility, not getting rid of it completely.
  17. Sorin


    I couldn't have said it better my self. The way air can run forever is plain stupid, *Don't even call me bias, I play air as much as I do water*. This change will make balancing airbending less of a challenge, as well as it opens some ways for more damage buffing. If you are really against this...
  18. Sorin


    I'll think about it :P But if it's gonna be added to core, i'd rather not make it an addon, ya know?
  19. Sorin


    I really, really like this.