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  1. özgün

    Legend-Bender Server

    Hi the Legend-Bender is almost 1 year old and i wanted to advertise it in here :3 Server-IP: play.legendbender.com Server Website: Legendbender.enjin.com Server-Rules: Hello you there / Live in peace :3 Be respectful to others. Dont swear too much and dont be racist/sexist etc. and use only...
  2. özgün

    Suggestion Earth Combo / EarthPit

    Hi i originated that ability from the earthpillars but this is kinda reverse version of it. When you use the combo everyone around you will be fall into the pit and take damage. Shockwave (Tap sneak) > Shockwave (Tap sneak) > Collapse (Hold sneak) that would be nice if someone could do it.
  3. özgün

    Bug Report ice trap problem

    hi guys i have seen that when someone uses torrent or frostbreath the person trapped into the ice can getout easily by jumping, how can i stop it?
  4. özgün

    Bug Report ferrocontrol permission

    i used every permission but it doesnt work when i give full perm it works help me please EDIT: it's jedcore permission i guess
  5. özgün

    Anti hack plugin which is in a accordance with the PK

    I think we need that plugin but idk cuz ppl are using speed hack fly etc. And when I upload a plugin the bending just get broken I mean when someone uses it, they just get warn or kick or they can't even use it! I think we should consider that thx
  6. özgün

    air passives

    some players are suffering lost passives like jump speed and also fastswim glitch is there a way to fix this except the update?
  7. özgün

    bottle bending is broken for 2 players

    i dont know i tried everything but they cant use bottle bending i hope it'll be fixed at 1.8.7 and when is it coming?
  8. özgün

    Giving someone perm to add only one element

    hi everyone i wanna give the player i want to give adding 1 element to himself but when i added he can use all elements so i just want that he'll be able to use only 1 element that he can add himself i tried bending.command.add and gave all elements but bending.command.add.water after giving...
  9. özgün

    the PK slows the opening

    hi when i restart the server it stucks a little bit and 2-3 min later it says Could not connect to ProjectKorra.com to check for updates and opens but it used not to do that i hope you'll help me thx and also gives that errors https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/755bQJbsns/
  10. özgün

    /b add blood permission

    I want to give some players only bloodbending, i mean giving them the permission of /b add blood because everytime they rechoose their blood bending dissappears. please im waiting for your helps :)