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  1. Kael Wittwer


    Dear community, I have played on many servers and whenever I'm on them certain players have their rank next to their name when they type in chat. I am looking to do such a think and I can't find out how to do it. Can someone please help me out? It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Kael Wittwer

    Custom Server Need Help

    Hello people, I am running my own bending server for a few people and I would like to make it so once they have picked an element they can't change whenever they want. How do I make it so they can only pick their element once and then I the owner have to change it for them if they wish to switch.
  3. Kael Wittwer

    Suggestion Clickable Shield

    Hello! I have a fun idea to help air be more utility and useful as a team! When trying to work as a team in survival its hard for airbenders to use a shield to block attacks as the shield also pushes teammates. My idea would be an addon or feature for air shield that makes it so when you left...
  4. Kael Wittwer

    Spiritual Projection

    Hey, is there a way to make it so when doing Spirit mode in Spiritual Projection that the player will be put into spectator mode? That way they can go through blocks and such, making it more spirit like? Also, that way mobs won't lock on to the player.
  5. Kael Wittwer

    Suggestion Air Walk

    I have an idea for a new air flight ability. In TLOK we see Zaheer "Let go" of his earthly tether and he can walk on the air. This move would work as a left click toggle and you would be able to walk in the air on the same level as when you left clicked. It would be cool if it could be made...
  6. Kael Wittwer

    Denied Plant

    Hello! I think it would be awesome if plantbending was added back into the game! That was it adds a bit more to waterbenders! I think we should re-add plant moves like vine whip and plant armour and moves like that!
  7. Kael Wittwer

    Denied Left/Right

    Greetings everyone! As you know, a "new" feature in Minecraft is being able to using your left hand! As someone who is left handed I found this really cool! One thing I have noticed is that some of the moves in bending have particles as if they are on your hand! It looks super cool and is well...
  8. Kael Wittwer


    Hello! So I am experiencing some problems with bottle bending. Sure, water manipulation, and a bunch of other moves don't seem to work at all or all the time with bottle bending. Can anyone help me.
  9. Kael Wittwer

    Denied Air glide update

    so I had this cool Idea for airglide, what if someone were to add a few air particles around the player as they fell? I think it would make it seem cooler and more air like.
  10. Kael Wittwer


    So I downloaded the latest version of the ProjectKorra add on, 1.8.4, and now none of the Jedcore moves work, like airglide and sonicblast. what did I do wrong? is there a new version of jedcore? can someone send me a link on where to get jedcore? what do I do?
  11. Kael Wittwer

    Suggestion Spiritual Projection

    So i'm sure this has been suggested before, even by myself, but I want to mention it again. Move: Spiritual Projection Move Description: Skilled Air Benders can project their Spirit out of their body creating a ghost like image. What move will do: This move, when used, will put the playing into...
  12. Kael Wittwer


    So i need help, when i go into the projectkorra folder and then go into config, i edit a few moves and then i run my server but when i run the server the edits don't appear. if i make air stream have a longer duration in the config, it wont apply when i start the server, so then i close the...
  13. Kael Wittwer

    Bending Moves (Abandon)

    So i made a bending server, and i have all the moves that are not abandon. i want a few moves like sonicblast and firecomet and such but they wont work. why not?