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  1. Timothy Rossin

    In What Version Does Avatar State Work In?

    Yeah The Title Said Everything...Ive Been Hearing That Avatar State Doesnt Work In A Few Versions And It Doesnt Work On My Server Anyone Know Which Version Avatar State Works In? SORRY FOR KILLING YOUR EYE SITE
  2. Timothy Rossin

    Omashu House

    Timothy Rossin submitted a new resource: Omashu House - A Small House You Can Use For Your Omashu, Ba Sing Se Build Read more about this resource...
  3. Timothy Rossin

    Probending Update?

    Wassup My Fam xD, So Yeah I Was Looking Into Probending And Wanted To Ask A Few Things Hope I Can Get Some Answers. So I Wanted To Ask If There Is Like An AutoMatic Sign Join So You Click It And Join A Que I Also Wanted To Ask Is There A System Where You Cant Go Out Of The Zones? Or That Will Be...
  4. Timothy Rossin

    ProjectKorra Mobs, Can I Still Get It?

    Sup Everyone, So I Have A Question Can I Still Download ProjectKorra Mobs Or Its Not Available Anymore?Maybe Someone Has Made Another Version For It If You Have Please Send It To Me? Thanks.
  5. Timothy Rossin

    Help With Protection Plugin

    Soooooo Ive Resently Been Searching For A Plugin That Allows You To Claim Land And I Found This Plugin Called Towny. So When I Launched It On My Server It Broke Bending And No One Could Use It Without Opped People So I Removed It And Of Course Everything Started Working... Ive Tried All Of The...
  6. Timothy Rossin

    Bending War Plugin Idea

    Yo Everyone, So I Was Thinking And Suddenly An Idea Popped Right Into My Head. Since Im Not A Coder I Couldnt Make This Reality But Im Pretty Sure Other People Can, So I Was Thinking Of A Plugin That You Can Do A Command Maybe /bendingwar create (faction / nation name)That Will Help You Make A...
  7. Timothy Rossin


    This is not an official ProjectKorra Server. All Contributions and Donations made to this server are in no way affiliated with ProjectKorra or any of its plugin and goes to the server only. ProjectKorra and its staff is not responsible of your gameplay experience while on this server. Ip...
  8. Timothy Rossin

    Will ProBending Be Updated, I Would Like Que Commands Or Signs

    So I Was Just Fixing Pro Bending And When Me And My Friend Wanted To Test It Well i Noticed You Can Only Start It Through Command, Is There A Way To Que Someone Or Like Put A Sign Somewhere Please Help! Trion/
  9. Timothy Rossin

    Help With Bending GUI

    Well... I Dont Really Know But My Bending GUI Does Not Work When I Type /b gui, It Gives Me It But Does Not Open The Gui When I Right Click, Any Help Would Be Great /Trion