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  1. coolwolf9999


    Hello! So, on my server. I have werewolf's and vampires, and element benders. But the element benders have to be hand picked because their are a rare race. But by default anyone can use /bending. I tried removing the permission from the groups so they can't use it, but it doesn't work. Is there...
  2. coolwolf9999

    Looking Into spirit pets

    In the show, we have seen some characters have pets! so what about adding it to the plugin? But because the spirit world and the main world are not together, it would be hard for players to have a pet. But in the config, you can make it so you can combined the 2 worlds, the spirit world and the...
  3. coolwolf9999

    Looking Into Lives in the spirt world?

    So, in the show we have seen some of our favorite characters die and go to the spirt world. So, what if players when killed would go the the spirt world? So when a player gets killed they would go to the spirt world, they will be able to do normal things in the spirt world, like build, get food...
  4. coolwolf9999

    PvP Arenas?

    I see on a lot of bending servers pvp arenas that allow bending. How do I do this? They have it so it regenerates the arena every 1 minute. I know this is probably with WorldGuard. Also they have it so in a water pvp arena they can only use water bending how do I do this too?
  5. coolwolf9999

    Would there ever be? - What?

    I was wondering, in the future would there be away to see the past avatars? Also would there be away to remove the past avatars? Also, what does the past avatars do for the server. I seen some where that the more past avatars the stronger the player is, is this true? How does the past avatars...
  6. coolwolf9999

    Please help me!

    I am so confused, I got the 1.6.0 beta for the sub elements, but how do I do it? Do I use a command? There is no where to help me... I looked on the wiki but that does not help one bit. I want to use the air bender spiritual projection, but how do I use it? I do /b h spiritual projection but it...
  7. coolwolf9999

    Please help me

    So. I wan't to remove myself from the former avatar list. But how do I do that? There is no where to do it. Please help me
  8. coolwolf9999

    How do you do this?

    So, I want to remove a former avatar from the list, but there is no way to do it. How can I do it? This person has power and is abusing it, but I have no way of removing the former avatar from them.
  9. coolwolf9999

    Bug Report bending bending removed?

    So, my staff members are leaning the plugin, but for some reason, when a person uses their ability on a enemy bender, the enemy bender bending gets removed, why is this?
  10. coolwolf9999

    What does this mean?

    So I am so sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. There was no where else to put this. So, I made my moderator application a while back. But it was locked. Does that mean rejected, or locked for no comments. I see that everyones is locked.
  11. coolwolf9999

    Please help

    So I was wondering. Is there a way for a person to become a avatar again? Even after they have died and lost the ability.
  12. coolwolf9999

    How do you do this?

    So, I know a lot about the plugin. But one thing I cannot do is a combo. How do I do it? I know an update just came out for it. How do I make it?
  13. coolwolf9999

    Looking Into Auto avatar

    Hello! So I don't know if this is already out there, but if it isn't then yay! I came up with this idea after trying to pick a avatar every week… It kinda gets annoying. I think it would be cool is someone could make this. A auto avatar! A system that picks a avatar every week (can config the...
  14. coolwolf9999

    How do I do this?

    I want to make it so they can't do /bending choose [element]. I'm trying to make it so my console does it. But the problem is it gives them the permission by default. I tried removing it but I can. Can someone help me and tell me how to do it?
  15. coolwolf9999

    Denied This would be so cool!

    It would be cool if you could make custom groups in the config, example there is Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Chi. But it would be cool if you could make for example a MetalBender group and they can only bend metal. I think it just would be cool if you could do that. You could do so much! Some...
  16. coolwolf9999

    Fixed AvatarState

    Which plugin you are using: ProjectKorra. Which version of the plugin you are using (Can be found with /bending version): 1.4.0 Where the bug exists (Is it in an ability, a command, etc) Ability, the avatar state A detailed description of the bug you found. Well. My avatar was trying to go into...
  17. coolwolf9999

    Bug Report Whats going on?

    So. Some of you know I have a little problem about the command /bending help being disabled. So what I did was removed the plugin from my server completely and reinstalled it. I installed the lasts one and it still says /bending help is disabled. Can someone help me? I know this much make me...
  18. coolwolf9999

    Resource Pack

    I see a lot of people talking about making a resource pack for ProjectKorra but is anyone actually making one? I cannot make one but I was wondering if anyone has made one. I really need one. If I just missed a thread about it please let me know. I really need one. Thanks.
  19. coolwolf9999

    How can I do this?

    I know. This might sound like a nub. But how do I make it so they can only switch elements like ever 3 weeks or so.
  20. coolwolf9999


    So.. For some reason my players and I cannot do /bending help. I went into the config to see if I messed anything up but there was nothing. Does anyone know how I can get the /bending help to work again? Thanks.