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  1. Adamskii6

    Denied New Sub Element for Air

    I know the title makes you go "...but", however this suggestion is something I came up with while watching Season 3 of Avatar: Legend of Korra. You know how Zaheer learnt how to levitate like Guru Laghima? I remember hearing Kya (Tenzins WaterBending Sister) say that there was another Guru who...
  2. Adamskii6

    EarthBending Elevation Issue (?)

    Hi! My friend is having an issue with EarthBending where she can't bend on some elevations. The smoke appears but no blocks move or are affected. I don't know how to explain this but it's really strange and would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks :)
  3. Adamskii6

    Chi-Blocking Command

    Hi! My suggestion is a command (default to op) that temporarily takes the bending away from a player. This would be extremely useful together with other plugins which let you make Custom Mobs (MythicMobs Plugin) or NPCs since they can do command attacks and then you can make your own ChiBlocker...
  4. Adamskii6

    Is this plugin dead?

    I love this plugin so much and it's not working for me... Will it be revived? I miss everything about it... :(
  5. Adamskii6

    Can't use BloodBending

    So, I've encountered something extremely weird... I have two accounts on my server, one that's op and does the building etc and one that I play and have fun on... The one I play and have fun on is a WaterBender, and no matter WHAT I do, I can't get BloodBending to work! I have given the right...
  6. Adamskii6

    Complete Crafting PKitems using PKitems

    I know I have seen this suggestion but now I can't find it so I'm going to post about it! I want the feature where you need a ProjectKorra item or an item with a specific name in order to craft something else. I really want to make the sea prunes and a sea prune stew on my server... xD
  7. Adamskii6

    Complete Permission for choosing bending

    So on my server people can choose bending in the start and not change it anytime they want. I have groups for the individual bending forms (Fire, Earth, Air etc) and when my players pick their group in the start, they can then pick any bending so I can have people where it says they are...
  8. Adamskii6

    Factions problem...

    Okay how can I make it so people can't bend in factions like "SafeZone" for example??? I have many ice castles and people could just phasechange them to water which would ruin EVERYTHING... I have tried everything I am seriously gonna quit life soon.. Help please, worldguard is a buggy piece of...
  9. Adamskii6

    Denied WaterGrip Combo

    First of all, this is for Waterbenders only because they have very few combos. (I know earth has none by default but water is my favorite, lol.) This is a combo that lets you grip your opponent and pull them towards you. You know how Ming-Hua grabbed Opal for example? (When the Red Lotus were...
  10. Adamskii6

    Not Working!

    Why wont this item work? When consumed it doesn't give me anything I put in here...-.- Item: Name: chitea DisplayName: <&e>Chi-Enhancing Tea Material: POTION Lore: <&8>Enhances your bending power when doing WaterManipulation, EarthBlast, AirSwipe or FireBlast. Stats...
  11. Adamskii6

    MetalClips problem

    When I do the fourth metalclip and sneak on my target they only levitate and are NOT crushed. I have the permission Bending.ability.metalclips.4clips so don't ask.
  12. Adamskii6

    ProjectKorra + WorldGuard

    Soo, some people made an airtemple on my server and I made a worldguard region around it. I wanted players to still be able to bend so I made the Build flag allowed. But I didn't want them to actually be able to place/break blocks so I set Block-Break and Block-Place to deny. Then I added the...
  13. Adamskii6

    Denied Bloodbending types

    I am quite bothered that there's only one kind of bloodbending in this plugin. I want these: Default one that does not require a full moon. One that does require a full moon. One that works like this: When you shift at a target, you're bending their blood. When you are bending their blood...
  14. Adamskii6

    What is considered canon?

    My question is, are the books: The Promise, The Search, Lost Adventures etc, considered canon or not? Someone please reply cuz I'm reading The Promise part 3 now. Also, what else is considered canon?
  15. Adamskii6

    Denied Level up abilities (Not Ridiculous)

    First of all, this is an upgraded version of my previous thread. My idea is that the more we use one ability, the stronger it gets. It should take like 1000 uses (configurable) of watermanipulation to add +1 damage (half a heart) to it for example. So with this random users wont just run...
  16. Adamskii6

    FireBlast Problem

    Why can't I decide whether or not the charged fireblast should do terrain damage or not?!?!?!? This is bugging me like ****.
  17. Adamskii6

    Fixed Bending stops working sometimes.

    I just downloaded a bunch of abilities and now, bending seems to turn off sometimes becoming disabled and then not letting people bind their abilties. http://pastie.org/10021500
  18. Adamskii6

    Denied Bending Strength Side-Plugin idea

    So my idea is that they add another plugin. (or add this to the RPG plugin) The plugin should have a feature where you can add players and different abilities' configurations to another config file. Let's say I want one of my players to be stronger when using torrent, then I add the players name...
  19. Adamskii6

    Spiritual Projection

    So, I hear people talk about spiritual projection having permissions, etc. HOW do I use it, what does it do, is it a move or a passive, there's nothing about it on the wiki...:(
  20. Adamskii6

    EarthBlast Adjustment

    EarthBlast is really glitchy and I hate using it because of that. I think it has so much potential and why can't it be like this: You sneak on a block and fire it. (Normal Earthblast) If you sneak once then sneak again on that block it will follow your mouse so you can levitate it. (Basically...