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  1. Jackson


    Jackson submitted a new resource: BendingTournaments - Create tournaments for players to join! Read more about this resource...
  2. Jackson

    Pending Review General fixes and improvements.

    I have three suggestions! On the Announcements Page the two announcement articles are overlapping. If you add 'padding: 20px;' to the 'porta-article-item' class, it should fix this (it did for me). Could you change the second home page button (the XenPorta News Page) to News or Announcements so...
  3. Jackson


    Jackson submitted a new resource: AirJump - Airbending ability that lets the player to jump wherever they're looking at with some neat particles Read more about this resource...
  4. Jackson


    Jackson submitted a new resource: BendingPermissions - A quick and easy way to help server administrators find permissions for abilities. Read more about this resource...
  5. Jackson

    Denied Logging

    Hello, I'd like to suggest a feature. I have suggested this in the past and it is one of the looking into that have been left alone for almost a year now. Me being an Admin on a server, former server owner, and having to manage staff/plugins on servers, it is really hard to tell if greif was...
  6. Jackson

    Suggestion Bending Toggle Elements

    I don't know if this has been suggested or if others have thought about it, if they have, sorry. So I think that you should be able to join a team if you're the avatar and you toggle the elements that aren't allowed and the elements that the team doesn't need. Like for example, I tried to test...
  7. Jackson

    Web interface? :3

    So, I have a question that I have been forgetting to ask, but will we have a Web interface like mist's plugin on bukkit for probending?
  8. Jackson

    Logging who does what.

    So, I am wondering if there is a way so that you can log who does earth grab and raise earth on coreprotect or prism or something. Is this possiable or not?
  9. Jackson

    Valid Jackson's Application

    Why do you want to be a Moderator: There are a lot of spammers, cussers, and jerks on the forums. I want them to follow the rules. There is currently 1 moderator spot available. I hope that I can get it to help the forums. Even though this reason may be short, it is still a valid reason we can...
  10. Jackson

    Denied What if you could just download all custom moves with one button

    This is more of a website suggestion but it involves project korra (Core) a lot as-well. So I basically gave away what this was about but what if and I mean what if we could download all of the projectkorra custom abilities with one button? I would love this personally and so would my staff. Of...
  11. Jackson

    Bug Report Bending Presets Being Deleted Every Restart?

    Hey Guys. I am back with another bug report. Which plugin you are using ProjectKorra (Core) Which version of the plugin you are using (Can be found with /bending version) 1.7.0 Beta 7 (But the bug was happening before beta 7 aswell) Where the bug exists (Is it in an ability, a command, etc)...
  12. Jackson

    Bug Report Air Particles

    Beta 6 Version 15 After using flight and some other airbending moves, the air particles stay on the player. It should go away once the move is done. Please fix this my players don't like it because other players can follow them.
  13. Jackson

    New Commands? Let's Hope!

    Hello there, I need something important done. Instead of just looking up the perms on the wiki and site and such maybe just have a command so people don't ask you so much? Just a suggestion :P I am so punny xD
  14. Jackson

    Complete Avatar Abilities list.

    If there is not a way already, which I belive there isn't. Then we should make a /b D avatar or for it spelled out /bending display avatar. Thee are alot of avatar moves being created and soon to be created. This list is just like the elements but it lists avatar moves instead.
  15. Jackson

    Fixed Question and a bug report in one

    Question - Is bending supposed to just STOP and do nothing when it is on respect Factions: false in the config? Bending Version Beta 6 version 8 Bug report - when I set respectFactions: true bending didn't work at all. That's why I made that bug report about bending not working at all it was...
  16. Jackson

    Suggestion Water Bottle with bucket attributes

    You guys should add a stat that let's water buckets to be used as a water bottle like for water bending. Such as, in the share items thread I made a item like that but didn't have stats for it. I was also going to make a ever full Ern item but I can't without that stat. Thank you for reading this
  17. Jackson

    Fixed Bending Not working at all.

    I have mad a forum post about firebending not working an others have made some about all the elements. But Listen to this: ProjectKorra (Core) Beta 6 Version 8 abilities not working On my server no one can bend at all. Any elements not just air or chi but everything. Commands work to bind and...
  18. Jackson

    Valid Videog4mer's Wiki Staff Team Application!

    Have you ever worked on a plugin or another server's documentation? I have worked on mine many times before and other servers, but Not a plugin yet. I am going to start trying to make a plugin later on. Back to what I have done, These Links will show you some website I have worked on. Mine will...
  19. Jackson

    Valid Developer Application

    Never mind I don't want to be staff on here yet. I need to brush up a lot on this stuff. Its been awhile
  20. Jackson

    Fixed No Firebending?

    Which plugin you are using: Dev Build. Which version of the plugin you are using (Can be found with /bending version): 1.5.0 Beta 6 Where the bug exists (Is it in an ability, a command, etc): Ability A detailed description of the bug you found: No one on my server can firebend. They can do...