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  1. Varni1

    Complete Blacklist Moves/Combos: Configuration Option

    EDIT: Deny please.
  2. Varni1

    Sourcing Particles - A nudge

    I've observed a few awkward things when ever I'm a waterbender. Naturally, the source selection particles (black smoke) are clear in blocks that support transparency. Opaque blocks such as packed ice, that serve as waterbending sources, are a bit hard to see if you've selected them or not. My...
  3. Varni1

    Suggestion ProjectKorra - Development Manual/Basic Guide

    I personally PK should receive a custom development manual for people who want to make their own abilities or side plugins. There aren't many tutorials out there, and most are outdated. A consistent and constantly updated manual will be useful to everyone. Basic reasons: Many people want to...