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    Complete Flying Bisons

    When i think to a avatar texture pack i see a flying bison if it is posible to make , Than it would be Nice
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    Avatarplatform server IP: server website: Avatarplatform is a bending/survival server and free to join (minecraft 1.10.2) . Survival: This is normal survival with bending , but you can team with friends and make something like a village...
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    Denied Team bending

    I have seen the series a lot and sometimes two benders of the same type bend together is it posible to make somthing like that? for example when a waterbender does surge than another waterbender make another surge and combine them to a biggersurge so they can reach more enemies. or you can bend...
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    Can it that i dont have a permissions file ?

    I have search for hours but i dont find my permissions file ?