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  1. Orion_Solus

    Denied FireBending Passive

    So in the show we see may firebenders that upon getting angry involuntarily fuel the flames surrounding them, thus making them larger. What I am suggesting is that any fire within a 15 block radius (configurable) from a firebender will spread faster and last longer. That's al. Thanks for...
  2. Orion_Solus

    Denied AirForce

    Hello PK fans! I'm here to present you with a small idea that would save some slot space and allow airbenders to use both airblast and airsuction in the same time. By left clicking airforce you would get the normal output of airblast. If the bender instead right clicks it would act a s...
  3. Orion_Solus

    Avatar Soundtrack

    Hello fellow Pk fans ! Today I am making this tread to discuss a very important feature both present in TlA and LoK, that is the soundtrack. Here you can post if you enjoyed TlA music over LoK and what is your favourite part. For me the soundtrack of TlA was far more enjoyable and to this day I...
  4. Orion_Solus

    Complete Tornado

    Description: Airbenders can create tornadoes that rotate clock wise/anti clock wise. By doing so they are able to make the air current push or pull the opponent. Usage: Wile forming the tornado left click to change the air current from a clock wise (the normal tornado that pulls the player) into...
  5. Orion_Solus

    Suggestion Extra Stats

    UseWith: The effect of the previous stats that effect bending would only apply if the player has all the items previously mentioned. Ex: wearing a full set of firebending armour would increase a firebenders power by...
  6. Orion_Solus

    Fixed PK 1.6.0 3

    When I try to use any move fire/air this spams my console: Note that when fire moves are used all the Methods have firebending instead of airbending [18:03:17 WARN]: [ProjectKorra] Task #4 for ProjectKorra v1.6.0 BETA 3 generated an exception java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize...
  7. Orion_Solus

    Bug Report Slot Numeric Values

    This is something rather small but a bug nonetheless. Wile having various blocks depending of their size it cuts true the slot numeric values. Also when having glass pane in your slots it seems that the numeric values change into a repetitive symbol. Blocks: Glass Pane
  8. Orion_Solus

    Denied Ender Men

    Hello PK fans ! In this thread you will find another cool idea about the PK resource pack :D This as other of my resource pack related suggestions is something small that implements more of the Avatar universe into minecraft giving us the players a nostalgic feeling. I think that ender men are...
  9. Orion_Solus

    Denied Ender Dragon

    Hey guys ! I wish to share another simple concept for the resource pack that I think would introduce more from the Avatar universe into vanilla minecraft. What I was thinking was to make the Ender Dragon look like Vatu as at the end of the day the spirit of evil is most suited as the final boss...
  10. Orion_Solus

    Denied Air Staff

    Hello PK fans ! This idea that I am going to present you with is by the name of the thread an Air Staff. The texture of a stick could be altered so that it would look longer and maybe more like a staff. Beside this I would like to ask Archiuz or any one that has experience in creating resource...
  11. Orion_Solus

    Denied Smoke Bombs

    Hello everyone ! The suggestion that I am about to make is a little controversial for me. It's basically making snow balls look like bombs. This is to give smoke screen a little realism and make it look better as personally I believe that the resource pack should assist bending and make it...
  12. Orion_Solus

    Denied Regeneration Effect

    Hello my suggestion is fairly simple: the regeneration effect would change the colour of the harts from read to white with a light blue contour. This would be handy for Healing Waters as it would be much more in line with the show. (when Katara healed someone the water turned of a lighter colour...
  13. Orion_Solus

    Pk Resource Pack

    There is too much blue !!! Blue harts , blue inventory , blue crafting benches , blue slots ..... It does help having the slots labelled but it is hard to see which one is selected as it is almost 0 contrast between the blue slots and the blue selection thing (the one that thickens the contour...
  14. Orion_Solus


    Orion_Solus submitted a new resource: MedicalKit - A Medical Kit used by ChiBlokers to heal in battle. Read more about this resource...
  15. Orion_Solus

    Bug Report Air Swipe Bug

    I have just downloaded project Korra 1.5.0 beta 13 and I wanted to try the new Air combo. Unfortunately AirSwipe can be activated only by shifting not by also clicking. In addition there is now cool down when you shift AirSwipe this making it possible to spam. ( I am using Craft Bukkit...
  16. Orion_Solus

    Pin Down

    This is a new airbending move. To do it simply press snick (default shift) wile targeting a player. Powerful winds with a downwards momentum pin down the enemy making him unable to move. You can also snick click on a block with the move selected to tag that block. If a players step on that block...
  17. Orion_Solus

    Team Work

    I have come up with a concept that has been showed in the series a few times, Team Work.This requires two ore more benders performing the same move in the same time and therefore making it stronger. In the show the most memorable example of this was in season 3 ep 13 of The Legend Of Korra when...
  18. Orion_Solus

    Denied Water Bending Vision

    I have put taught into it and I think that waterbenders should have a passive ability that would allow them to see better underwater than normal players. Maybe you could give them night vision I don't know but here is how I think it should look like (maybe even brighter) :
  19. Orion_Solus

    Denied Air Bending Flying Suit

    Hello there! I have recently just watched the new season 4 trailer and it was amazing! Now based on what I saw airbending "evolved" meaning that new thing have been invented to make an airbenders life easier. I would like to suggest new items (similar to...