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    Earth Bending Knowledge

    I'm creating this thread to bring the PK community together to share your ideas for earth bending! Earth bending I know the least about and I know a lot of all the elements so I just wanted to fully know what a master earth bender does. This thread is for earth bending tactics and skills only...

    Air Burst Change! (please read)

    After air bubble was removed, I had to change one of my move slots to make up for it. I soon later figured out that no move actually was fitting in for the lost spot but I did find Air burst. Air burst is almost never used do to how much mobility you loose and the time taken to charge it up...

    Denied Air bending Move

    I am an air bender and I generally love everything about it but I don't understand why there isn't a move called air gust. What it will do is basically a lessened version of surge but with air, I do believe there should be a cool down for it maybe about 1 second earlier than air swipe. And...