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  1. Finn_Bueno_

    ProjectKorra 1.8.6 increases server load time.

    This is fixed in the new version. Please stay tuned for the new release! It's due to the fact it's checking for updates at a URL that doesn't exist anymore. We forgot to make it async, stupid we know, but we still did. Currently there's no way to prevent it I'm afraid. You'll have to wait for...
  2. Finn_Bueno_

    Spirit Playstyle

    You can't just say "it's not true" after someone states completely valid points. @Viosient is completely right when he says that spirits should not just be an asset to support benders. They were capable of living by themselves and were arguably stronger than the average bender. Sure, the forum...
  3. Finn_Bueno_

    Powers seen on other servers that do not have here! How to find?

    RockMc is Jed's server. So yes, definitely. :P
  4. Finn_Bueno_

    How is Airbending useful?

    If you ever want to start attacking other bases, let your airbender scout the base perhaps. Truth is that in such a faction setting air is just not really useful. A skilled user could be a great asset when fighting though.
  5. Finn_Bueno_

    How is Airbending useful?

    Air is the element for travelling. If you're playing factions and you're just gonna stay in 1 place deep underground, you don't really need an airbender. If you want a part of your team to really explore the world, an airbender is what you're looking for. They can cope with any terrain since...
  6. Finn_Bueno_

    Got multiple errors whenever I try to bend.

    Please use tags when pasting errors so they're easier to read.
  7. Finn_Bueno_

    Denied Torrent Redirection

    And staff stated their reason why those won't be implemented.
  8. Finn_Bueno_

    Old flight

    The server you play on is a "development" server, meaning it runs on the Work In Progress version of the plugin. This means it has a lot more bugs than the normal stable releases, which are recommended to use. Your server owner made this choice himself, which we are grateful for as he helps us...
  9. Finn_Bueno_

    Denied Torrent Redirection

    Finally a solid built suggestion, how great.
  10. Finn_Bueno_

    All commands are not working projectkorra plugin

    Your console should show an error on startup.
  11. Finn_Bueno_

    All commands are not working projectkorra plugin

    You're versions are not matching. What version of Spigot and ProjectKorra are you using?
  12. Finn_Bueno_

    Perm Help

    When they first join, run the following commands. /b ch water /b a earth /b a fire /b a air /b a chi As in, make the player run those commands.
  13. Finn_Bueno_

    PK Items update request

    If only it was a proper one.
  14. Finn_Bueno_

    Perm Help

    Just give everyone all elements upon first join.
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    U looked.
  16. Finn_Bueno_

    ProjectKorra (Core)

    Disgrace button*
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  18. Finn_Bueno_

    How do I remove this?

    The text "ProjectKorra" in front of the plugin's messages.
  19. Finn_Bueno_

    Ability Register Fails

    You're just getting a ton of NPEs which just makes me think your entire code is a mess. Just past your entire main class here so we can fix that up.
  20. Finn_Bueno_

    PK Addon Class Wizard

    Container would be a package yes.