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Side Plugin Vulcan 1.1.0

Vulcan [Source Code]

https://projectkorra.com/forum/resources/pkconfigapi.420/ [Author: DomiRusz24] is required in your plugins folder if you wish to change your config - else it will go with the default.

Vulcan must be placed within your plugins folder, upon running it will auto-generate a config file.

Vulcan is designed to work with ProjectKorra 1.9.0, however has not been tested on others.
It is a largely configurable LavaBending pack consisting of 6 moves, and one combo, designed with the intention of making the sub-element of lava viable in-game whilst avoiding confliction with the balance of configurations.

Lava does not do inherent damage

One of the main pitfalls of the majority of most lavabending moves in my opinion, is that they do outrageous amounts of damage as players are harmed by the lava itself - and even set alight.

In order to avoid that, I have disabled the damage taken from swimming in the lava [ which was created by this bending pack ] as well as players being set alight.


Hold shift at lava to solidify it or click an earthbendable block to melt it. Alternatively use the slot to negate damage from lava and walk on magma blocks.
Melting - Cooling -
Erupt -
Tap shift on an earthbendable block, click to spew magma from the eruption.

LavaTendril -
Tap shift at lava to select a source, click to fire. You can have multiple projectiles.

LavaStream -
Hold shift facing lava to create a stream around you, left click to fire.

LavaLine -
Tap shift at an earthbendable block, click to fire.

[Combo] MagmaMelt -
Shoot a LavaLine into a wall, and hold down shift with IgneousShift as the LavaLine makes contact.

This is not an official ProjectKorra plugin, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk.
First release
Last update
3.75 star(s) 4 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Update 1.1.0

    Major bugfixes and mechanic changes: LavaStream no longer bugs out. Erupt is more comfortable...

Latest reviews

sucks, don't download
This is a really good lava bending pack but LavaStream doesn't seem to work on PK 1.9.2 and the option to toggle whether lava moves deal lava and fire damage needs to be added.
Update Works Great! Love the work
Loving the set! Specially LavaStream! Very unique!
Functions well. Had some issues with lava turning into source blocks but otherwise good :)
Sorry about that, will be updating soon.
A few side notes regarding the first version:
IgneousShift requires non temp-blocks, as in normal minecraft blocks - it can't cool a LavaFlux for example nor melt an EarthSmash.
Same thing with LavaTendril, LavaStream and LavaLine.
This was done to force players to make lava with IgneousShift which they would then source the moves from.
If you select a source with LavaLine, it will not go away unless the player dies, disconnects or shoots it (this was intention but I plan on removing this feature).