TerraSense (Updated to PK v1.8.8)

Earthbending TerraSense (Updated to PK v1.8.8) 1.4

This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk.

Ability description: This ability has many functions. Basically the ability make earthbenders' be able to sense the vibrations on the earth.

TerraSense version 1.1.1 is for PK v1.8.7 and Spigot 1.12.2,
Required Plugins: GlowAPI v1.4.6-SNAPSHOT and PacketListenerAPI v3.7.1-SNAPSHOT

TerraSense version 1.2+ is for PK v1.8.8 and Spigot 1.13.2.
Required Plugins: GlowAPI v1.4.8-SNAPSHOT and PacketListenerAPI v3.7.3-SNAPSHOT

This is one of the ability's functions in the Avatar:TLA. (Breaking blocks will vibrate the earth.)

This is the ability:

First of all, the ability comes with 2 moves.
1st one is TerraSense.

* It is a passive ability.
* It requires another move: EarthPulse to be activated. (It comes with this jar file. No need to download another thing.)
* You and the targets has to stand on an earthbendable block.
* You can sneak to send vibrations and see the living entities around you. (They will be visible only to the caster.)
* If an earthbender is blind, he/she will be able to sense around with a larger range and without sneaking.
* If someone falls, he/she will vibrate the earth if he/she is not an airbender. Vibration range can change depending on the fall height. (Vibration is only visible to earthbenders.)
* If someone walks he/she will vibrate the earth max once in 5 seconds. (Vibration is only visible to earthbenders.) (Airbenders vibrate less.)
* If someone breaks or places a block, he/she will vibrate the earth. (Vibration is only visible to earthbenders.)
* Sand reduces vibrations.

2nd one is EarthPulse.

* You can use EarthPulse to disable/enable TerraSense.
* TerraSense will be disabled by default so you need to activate it first with EarthPulse.
* You can sneak + click to close your eyes. (It gives the caster blindness.)

You can disable seeing your own vibrations in config. If you do that you will be able to see your sneak vibrations and you won't be able to see your own falling, walking, digging and placing vibrations.

If there are no earthbender nearby who has his/her TerraSense active, players won't vibrate.

Known Issues: To make glowing blocks, I spawned glowing cakes inside blocks. If someone dig's fast enough, that player can see a cake block for 1 server tick (It is like 1/20 seconds).
There is a bug in the falling vibrations part. Sometimes the falling vibrations won't be visible to the falling player for a second. This happens because getting the block under the falling player sometimes gets air instead of the block under him/her. After a second it gets the right block.
GlowAPI may change the tab list order because of the glow effect.
Sometimes reverting glow effect doesn't work properly and players stay glowing. If you sneak near them they will become normal again. I couldn't find a way to fix this. I think it is a GlowAPI problem.

Default Configs: (Full path is-> ExtraAbilities: Hiro3: Earth: TerraSense: )


Cooldown: 2000
BlindDuration: 10
Radius: 15 //Seeing nearby radius
BlindRadius: 45 //Seeing nearby radius for blind earthbender.
BlockSenseRadius: 50 //Glowing blocks will be visible to the earthbenders up to 50 block away.
SenseYourself: true //Make this false if you don't want your players to sense their own vibrations.
WalkRadius: 5 //Walking vibration radius.
LowFallRadius: 10 //Fall distance < 8 blocks radius
MediumFallRadius: 15 //Fall distance between 8-20 radius.
HighFallRadius: 20 //Fall distance > 20 radius.
AirbenderRadius: 7 //Seeing nearby airbenders radius
AirbenderBlindRadius: 21 //Seeing nearby airbenders radius for blind earthbender.
AirbenderWalkRadius: 3 //Airbender walking vibration radius.
TimeBetweenPulses: 10 // (For version 1.3 or higher) 10 means 10 seconds. Even if you jump, if the current server time is not dividible by 10 seconds, there will be no pulse. If you increase this, pulse frequency will be lower but lag will be lower aswell.
TimeBetweenPulsesForWalk: 5 // (For version 1.4 or higher) Same as TimeBetweenPulses but for only walk function.
TimeBetweenPulsesForSneak: 5 // (For version 1.4 or higher) Same as TimeBetweenPulses but for only sneak & blind pulses.
PulseShapePercentage: 20 // (For version 1.4 or higher) When the pulse ranges increase, pulses will start losing their shape and there will be holes in the shape. This variable between 0 - 100, prevents holes in the circle shape. 100 is lesser hole/higher lag. Percentage in the video and default is 20. (Making this 0 will stop pulses. That means vibration function's won't work but you will be able to use glowing entitiy functions.)



You can find all of the source codes of my moves at here:
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