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Side Plugin Hyperion 1.7.0

[Hyperion v1.7.0]

Changelog and other minor version updates can be found here.
[Hyperion v1.6.4]

Changelog and other minor version updates can be found here.
[Hyperion v1.6.0]

Requires PK 1.9.0

  • Renamed FrostBreath to IceBreath
  • Small fixes
  • Fixed errors when using addons that share the same ability names
[Hyperion v1.5.1]

Requires PK 1.9.0

  • Revamped MetalCable (old name: MetalHook)
  • Added modifier system
  • Blue fire modifiers now affect FireWave (damage, height/width, cooldown).
  • Fixed bug with EarthShot damage increasing when hitting multiple targets.
Note: This is completely optional but I suggest deleting your config and letting Hyperion regenerate it to clean old entries such as MetalHook.
[Hyperion v1.5.0]

Requires PK 1.9.0

  • Tweaked combustion's visuals to be more like the show
  • Added special collision interaction for blue FireWave and Surge
  • Added visual indicator when using EarthLine's prison mode
[Hyperion v1.4.1]

  • Should now work in 1.15.2 without needing changes in plugin.yml
  • Fixes FireWave when used with PK development versions.
  • Fixes for evade and other misc abilities using getCurrentTick
[Hyperion v1.3]

  • Revamped LavaDisk into a multiability
  • Added Magma feature to EarthLine
  • Various bug fixes and improvements