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Fire Nation House

Fire Nation House v2

Fire Nation House
Use this fairly large Fire Nation house in the wealthy areas of your city. Or, possibly use it as a quest location (I'm gonna suggest using schematics as quest locations because I think it'd be neat to have Avatar questing). Next update (if any) will include an interior design.

PS: I did kind of take my own kind of route on the design of the house. It would have been cliche of me to use the red hardened clay with gold block accents but I just really don't enjoy the blocky look of the house (I did try it first). This design IS sort of similar to my Earth House but it's the closest I felt I could get to the traditional color scheme of the Fire Nation.


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  1. Small Update

    I lied, this won't include an interior design [~] Fixed a couple mistakes I made [+] Added...

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