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Welcome to ProjectKorra

Welcome to the official ProjectKorra Wiki. This wiki is designed to house all of the information you need about ProjectKorra and its various parts. Please keep in mind that this Wiki is a constant work-in-progress and is far from completion.

About ProjectKorra

ProjectKorra was created in June of 2014 as a place for members across the Minecraft and Bending Communities to come together and interact. ProjectKorra is one of the largest Minecraft and Avatar/Korra related communities around and is still growing rapidly. Our goal is to bridge the communities, providing users with a way to implement their favorite aspects of the hit television shows "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korea" into Minecraft. Our goal is to eventually cover most aspects of Minecraft, including, but not limited to : Bukkit / Spigot servers, Resource Packs, Client Modifications, and more. The goal is for the project to become all-encompassing, with the main goal of bringing together members of various communities.

ProjectKorra was founded by Mist, but has grown since its birth. This has been made possibly with help of dozens of various staff members over the years. ProjectKorra is designed and will always be completely free to use. Donations are not required for use of our products, but are always appreciated. Your contributions to our project will keep the forum up, thriving, and fast. This is 100% optional, as our staff works completely voluntarily, driven by their love for the community. ProjectKorra is not for-profit.

Our Projects

All Downloads are available on our Downloads page. You can find more information on them bellow.

  • Forge Platform
    • Coming Soon

This wiki is still very much a Work-In-Progress. Please note things may change at any time.