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    ProjectKorra (Core) v1.8.3 can be downloaded here.
    ProjectKorra (Items) v1.4.0 can be downloaded here.
    ProjectKorra (RPG) v1.1.0 can be downloaded here.
    You can find the official ProjectKorra Resource Pack right here.

    You can follow development on our official Trello board or via Github. If you notice any bugs, be sure to report them by opening a new Bug Report here.

ProjectKorra (RPG) 1.1.0

The RPG addon to ProjectKorra (Core)

  1. ProjectKorra
    NOTE: In order for this plugin to work properly you MUST be using ProjectKorra (Core) v1.5.0 or higher.

    NOTE 2: This is the first release of the plugin, expect bugs and do your best to report them.

    Welcome to the official Resource Page for ProjectKorra (RPG). This page will contain the very basic information for the plugin, extensive information on the plugin and all of its features can be found on the wiki.

    • The latest recommended build of the plugin can be found on this page.
    • The latest dev build can always be found here (link coming soon). Stability of Dev Builds are never promised, but usually anything pushed to the dev build page is at least runnable.
    • You can check the wiki or the dev build threads for the changelog for any Dev Build you are using.
    • Highly configurable, every feature in the plugin can be turned on / off and can be configured.
    • Adds several new World Events to the game. Includes Sozin's Comet, Lunar Eclipse, and Solar Eclipse. All completely configurable.
    • Designate avatars using the /bending avatar command. Avatars will have access to different features in our plugins.
    • Automatic activation of Avatar State just before an Avatar dies (Respects Cooldowns, configurable)
      • Works on past and current Avatars if turned on in the config.
    • Random Element Assignment
      • Turned off by default. Gives new benders an element (completely random, % chance of each element is configurable) when they sign on.
    • ProjectKorra (RPG) comes with an extensive API that developers can hook into. You will eventually be able to find a list of the public Methods on the wiki, but they can be found in the plugin in the RPGMethods class. We try our best to keep the names as self explanatory as possible.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Jack_08
    Version: 1.1.0
    pretty cool plugin, though definitely needs to be updated ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. RemRem222
    Version: 1.1.0
  3. TheBonnySimcraft
    Version: v1.0.2
    Awesome *.*
  4. 1r0h
    Version: v1.0.2
    again nice work Mist! i just wanted to suggest you something about avatarstate. They are already overpowered, and its quite abusive for another players because they have not so many chances (you can kill avatars using chi hidden passive and punching them after it). It would be really nice if you add something as the poison used against korra to give a little chance to others that are not chiblockers to kill avatars. About the Sozin´s Comet and these kind of event, it would be amazing if you could add a effect like the sky turns red, or it appears a kind of particles around firebenders on the Sozin´s comet event... Thanks you anyway :)
  5. MRCrunchy1818
    Version: v1.0.1

  6. Shadownova357
    Version: v1.0.0
    I just love this plugin a lot thats all i got to say