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    ProjectKorra (Core) v1.8.3 can be downloaded here.
    ProjectKorra (Items) v1.4.0 can be downloaded here.
    ProjectKorra (RPG) v1.1.0 can be downloaded here.
    You can find the official ProjectKorra Resource Pack right here.

    You can follow development on our official Trello board or via Github. If you notice any bugs, be sure to report them by opening a new Bug Report here.

ProjectKorra (Core) 1.8.3

The Core ProjectKorra Spigot Plugin

  1. New versioning standards and content!

    Hey, everyone! As promised in our last update here is a shiny new build! I know it may be a tad confusing but in order to maintain consistency between all our plugins we are going to be changing how we display version numbers for core. We will be using this format <Breaking Version>.<Major Version>.<Minor Version> For instance, this build is the first minor build of the 1.8 major release so it can be written as 1.8.1. This build takes care of a lot of issues and errors we found in the 1.8.0 release so I highly recommend you update to it ASAP. In addition, this build contains a few cool new changes that we hope you like! Be sure to comment the feature you like the most!

    • Fixes Spout movement
    • Fixes Tremorsense click ability activating constantly
    • Fixes SandSpout canceling flight on deactivation
    • Fixes Combos being executed too soon

    Fixed Errors:
    • Fixes server crash caused by Nan velocity in MetalClips
    • Fixes IllegalPluginAccessException in HeatControl
    • Fixes IllegalPluginAccessException in LogFilter
    • Fixes IllegalArgumentException on setHovering() in AirFlight
    • Fixes IllegalArgumentException ParticleEffect.WATER_BUBBLE in Torrent
    • Fixes IllegalArgumentException when checking the distance between two locations
    • Fixes NullPointerException isAdjacentToThreeOrMoreSources() in GeneralMethods
    • Fixes NullPointerException on thaw() and remove() in SurgeWave

    • /bending help auto tabbing displays combos you have access to, not all of them
    • Particles are now only visible within the entity rendering radius

    New EarthArmor
    • EarthArmor gives Absorption rather than Resistance and dampens fire damage!
    • Your EarthArmor remains on you until you either disable it manually by Shift-Clicking on your bound slot, or until you run out of absorption hearts. It does not time out on its own.
    • The color of your EarthArmor depends on the blocks used to source it!

    New HealingWaters
    • HealingWaters can now be used outside of water if you have a bottle in your inventory.
    • To use you begin shifting in water or with a bottle in your inventory after the blue particles appear and begin circling around you, you will begin to be healed. At this point, you can right click entities within range to transfer the healing waters to them. You must continue to look in the general direction of your target for them to keep healing them. You can right click your current target again to deselect them and return the waters to yourself. Important note: Healing does not occur while the water is in transition from target to target, only once the healing particle effect begins.

    New EarthGrab
    • In order to EarthGrab your target, shift and click on them. Alternately, look down and click the block you are standing on to EarthGrab yourself.
    • Fancy new particles as your EarthGrab goes to your target!

    New AirScooter
    New Look!
    • AirScooter now displays as a ball like in the show!

    New LavaFlow
    • You can now select ceilings as well as floors to turn to lava! Keep in mind that this gif shows the feature with the AllowNaturalFlow option set to true to rain lava down on your enemies!

    Known Issues:
    • As many of you know PhaseChange has been causing lag on a lot of servers. We are currently working to resolve this issue but felt we should stay on schedule and release this beta anyways. Expect a fix in the next build!
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