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    Everyone has access to these commands, enjoy!

    This is a work in progress.

    General Commands:
    • /balance or /bal - Shows how much money you have.
    • /baltop - Shows a list of the richest players on the server.
    • /list - Shows a list of all the players on the server.
    • /msg <player> <message> - Sends a player a private message.
    • /getpos - Get your exact location.
    • /pay <player> <amount> - Pays the player with the amount given. Does so in whole values, which makes 1 as $1 and 0.1 as $0.10.
    • /mail read - Reads the mail that has been sent to you.
    • /mail send <player> <message> - Sends the player mail containing <message>. They can see it the next time they log on.
    • /mail clear - Deletes mail sent to you.
    • /help [page] or /help [command] - Brings up a list of help information.
    • /tpa <player> - Sends a request to teleport the player.
    • /tpahere <player> - Requests the player to teleport to you.
    • /tpaccept - Accepts a teleport request.
    • /tpdeny - Denies a teleport request.
    • /tptoggle - Toggles if teleport requests can be sent to you or not.
    • /sethome <name> - Sets a home at the current location. You only have 2 homes, plus 1 bed home.
    • /home <home name> - Teleports to the given home name.
    • /homes - Lists all of your homes.
    • /delhome <home name> - Deletes the home given.
    • /warps - Shows a list of warps.
    • /warp <warp name> - Teleports to the warp.
    • /spawn - Returns to spawn.
    • /ignore <player> - Ignores the given player.
    • /unignore <player> - Unignores the given player.
    Getting helps from mods/admins. (Who is on Duty)

    • /mods - Brings up a list of on duty moderators.
    • /ticket <message> - Creates a support ticket, which the moderators will pick up when next available.
    Chest protection (LWC)
    When you place down a chest, protection will be applied to it automatically.
    • /lwc - Displays the LWC help document
    • /cprivate - Type and then punch a chest to lock the chest to you.
    • /cremove - Type and then punch a chest to remove it's protection.
    • /cpublic - Type and then punch a chest without any protection to make it a public chest. This means that anyone can open the chest, but only you will be able to break it.
    • /cpassword <password> - Type and then punch a chest to create a chest that requires a password to open.
    • /cunlock <password> - Type in to enter the password for a password protected chest.
    • /cremoveall - Remove protection from all chests protected by you.
    • /cinfo - Get information on a chest.
    • /lwc flag <flag> <on/off> - Toggles flags on or off for the chest. Flags:
      • redstone - toggles interaction with red stone for protected doors.
      • magnet - items close to the chest will be automatically put in the chest.
      • autoclose - Iron doors will open if you right click on them. This toggles if they should close after 3 seconds automatically.
      • allowexplosions - allows explosions to explode/break the protection.
      • hopper - toggles interaction with hoppers for protected chests.
    • /cmodify <users/groups>
      • Grants or removes access to users and/or groups.
      • Including a - before the name/group removes the access.
      • Including an @ before the name/group gives them advanced permissions.
    Land Protection (PreciousStones)

    sneak place a hay block to claim land - new users will start with one, new ones can be bought at the republic city shopping district. (can only place 2 protections total)

    • /ps allow <user> - Grants access to a user
    • /ps remove <user> - Removes a user from the protection
    • /ps info - Shows info on your protection
    • /ps locations - Shows all of the locations of your protections
    • /ps visualize - Shows how far your protection protects

    Bending Commands
    coming soon
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