ProjectKorra (Core) 1.8.6

The Core ProjectKorra Spigot Plugin

  1. 1.8.6 - Update 1.12.1 Compatible

    • Fixed Combos and possibly Passives appearing in /pk b <Ability> auto-tabbing.

    • Fixed Combos not loading properly on certain servers.

    • Fixed issue with PreciousStones by updating to the latest version to resolve API change issues.

    • Fixed RapidPunch damage.

    • Fixed incorrect summation of chiblocking chance.

    • Fixed possible issue in PKListener#onPlayerInteraction()

    • Fixed Earth.LavaSound.

    • Fixed Chi attempting to chiblock targets with any move.

    • Fixed hitting an entity with TempArmor not ignoring armor.

    • Fixed Immobilize config path.
    • Added "Contributing" section to the README to help guide active community members.

    • Added more detail to the PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE to allow for more uniform pull requests.

    • Added many new blocks to our ability block interaction.

    • Added check to combo collisions to discard dead entities.

    • Added functionality to allow chiblocking abilities to affect all entities.

    • Added exception handling to the configurable Sound options to prevent IllegalArgumentExcpetions.

    • Added sounds and ActionBar messages to being Bloodbent, Electrocuted, Immobilized, MetalClipped, and Paralyzed. (Abilities: Bloodbending, Lightning, Immobilize, MetalClips, and Paralyze)

    • Added sound and ActionBar message for being Chiblocked.

    • Added interval config option to RapidPunch. (time between each punch)
    API Changes
    • Updated to Spigot 1.12.1.
      • Confirmed to be backward compatible with Spigot 1.12 and Spigot 1.11.2.
    • Renamed ElementalAbility#getTransparentMaterial() to ElementalAbility#getTransparentMaterials().

    • Converted most byte/int dependent Material logic to use Material instead.
      • ElementalAbility#getTransparentMaterialSet() now returns a HashSet<Material> instead of a HashSet<Byte>.

      • ElementalAbility#getTransparentMaterials() and GeneralMethods.NON_OPAQUE now return Material[] instead of Integer[].

      • GeneralMethods#getTargetedLocation() now takes a varargs Material[] instead of a varargs Integer[].
    • Removed ElementalAbility.TRANSPARENT_MATERIAL. It was outdated and became irrelevant after GeneralMethods.NON_OPAQUE was updated.

    • Removed Java 7 Travis-CI JDK check.

    • Updated pom.xml to build in Java 8.

    • Added new MovementHandler utility class to control entity movement. (currently only capable of stopping movement.
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