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by OmniCypher at 4:35 AM
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Hey everyone! First off, it was explained last week that we have a tie breaker between @Brainwave and @Loony for the ProjectKorra Addon Contest. And it's up to you guys to decide the final winner! If you missed that announcement last week, you can check that out here!
The entries:
  • Dig - By @Brainwave
    • Dig allows Earthbenders to mine earthbendable blocks and terraform by holding shift. The mined blocks then pop up at the users feet as items for easy collection.
    • For a full look at this ability, you can check out the submission here! (Has a gif on the thread too)
  • SpiritualProjection - By @Loony
    • SpiritualProjection is a...
by Kiam at 3:11 PM
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Hello All!

We have decided to create a public discord server for everyone to use to interact and speak using voice with one another. This will help you guys get to know each other a little better, as well as getting to know the staff a little more. We have created a bunch of different channels to use for discussion, but keep in mind that ALL FORUM RULES STILL APPLY! (rules)

by Mist at 8:31 PM
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Hello everyone -

Have you needed a reason or incentive to hone your development skills? Have you had an idea that you wanted to see implemented into ProjectKorra? Well now is your chance to do both. Today, we are announcing the first ever ProjectKorra add-on development contest. Even if you don't know how to develop an add-on, here is your chance to learn. Read on for more information.

What you need to know:
  • Submissions will be accepted for 3 weeks from today. This means that all submissions are due on Friday, April 7th at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (United States)
  • Submissions do not have to be complex in code, rather, both creativity and execution are weighted equally.
  • The winning submission, and other notable submissions are eligible to be placed in the official ProjectKorra (Core) plugin (may be subject to additional tweaking by our Concept Design Department)
  • The winning participants will receive a $20 prize. Must be accepted via PayPal....